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Anaerobic Gym Workout Ideas


I play football (soccer) but have gotten a little out of shape due to my boredom with cardio workouts. Thesedays I find myself gassing too early when i sprint or tussle for the ball.

I wanna spice it up and get interested again. Give me some ideas for anaerobic workouts that i can do in the gym. Something interesting that involves weights, not just running/cycling. Something that’s practical too. Keep in mind that im workout at a gym, not at home. It has all the usual equipment.

Look forward to your responses.

Complexes or Kettle Bell Circuits


Getting good anaerobic using weights i would suggest Barbell complexes. But to tell you the truth if you want to get in good anaerobic shape real quick, nothing beats stair or hill sprints with 30-60 secs rest between each rep. Then after a few weeks when this becomes easy (it won’t) drop to 15-30 secs rest.

are u a low level player? sounds like it.

Complexes and kettlebells are probably the best if you really want to stay in the gym, but it just seems like a waste.

Interval and shuttle running are going to have so much more carryover to football. They probably can’t be done in your gym, but if you are playing football you must have a pitch available, right? Keep the rest time down and your conditioning will improve. They will also help your speed. Hard to beat.

Hill stuff is great too. If you have a hill (I don’t).

I’ve assumed it is steady state running you are bored of and not what I just suggested…

[quote]sevenmoist wrote:
are u a low level player? sounds like it.[/quote]

to say the least

[quote]donpalmero wrote:

I’ve assumed it is steady state running you are bored of and not what I just suggested…[/quote]

that’s right.

just wanted to some interesting ideas to help motivate me to train.

As mentioned previously, if you have access, do kettlebell straight sets or circuts. KB’s are such an incredible conditioning tool…

Lately I’ve been doing one arm KB swings with the 28 or 32kg KB. Do 10 reps, switch arms, for 80-100 reps total, depending on the days goal, switch in the air at the top of every tenth rep.

I’ve always been fond of squats and pullups density style w/ a weight that allows ~40-50 reps of each in a 15 minute window. I like going 5/5, and trying to get 10 rounds in the time.