Anaerobic Endurance Exercises?

I am looking to better my anaerobic endurance, and am wondering what are good exercises to do to achieve this?

My goals are to gain mass #1, leanly #2. Ive lifted before, am a little experienced, but havent lifted in 2 years. So doing anything in the gym would get gains right?

Would these exercises Really hurt my gains, or just a little bit? Im hoping since i will be fresh in the gym again that the gains i will get will outweigh the counter productiveness. If it is very counter productive, maybe once a week wouldnt be bad? And if so, what time would be better, before or after workout, or maybe on off days.

Tri-set heavy ass weight.


You’ll get gains from eating properly and being dedicated to the gym. What’s the point of anerobic endurance? Any exercise will give you anaerobic endurance if the reps are high enough.

I was thinking of some cardio, i read interval training was good for that. Not sure if thats the most effective, and wasnt sure how detremental that would be to any gains i would get. I hit the gym 3 times a week, if it was detremental then maybe 1 day cardio?


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Took the words right out of my mouth.

Anyway, why is this in the BB forum?

Complexes. If done with appropriate weight and done with a good choice of exercise (see “Complexes for Fat loss”) article,they will destroy your breathing.

I’ve done them and they are the most taxing thing I’ve done. More intense than HIIT sprints in my opinion.

“anaerobic endurance” is kind of a misnomer. If you are trying to gain mass then focus on weight training. And if you want to stay lean then keep a strict diet.

Shoot if you want to workout with weights and get your breathing going, do the hungarian 8 minute set…

I’ve turned some workout days into ‘cardio’ by keeping rest short, moving from movement to movement and felt more worked then 30 minutes on a treadmill/bike.

You control your tempo and that plays a huge roll in turning a weight program into an extra cardio program.

As Goya said also, eat strict. Cutting out junk, keeping it lean, and eating a lower amount of calories will help burn that fat too.

I say add interval training to your workouts. I’ve been doing complexes like 15 min of db clean and jerks for max reps, db swings + push ups, 5-10-15 pullups-pushups-bwsquats, db front squat tabatas, etc. I’ve dropped about 5 lbs of body fat and added about a pound of lean muscle (From 166 @ 19.5% BF to 162 @ 17%). Its taken me awhile to get my diet worked out, but overall it has been between 2200-2400 calories a day on average.

I’ve read about it about 20 times on this site or related ones, that interval training burns less calories then steady state cardio, good for keeping the calories up to make mass gains, but burns about 9 times more fat, good for staying lean.

I justed started WS4SB and am doing the strength and speed template. I lift on the lift days and on the speed and conditioning days I do these complexes. I’ll either make one up or pick one from the list I have going. I also add about 15 minutes of interval rowing on the c2 or jump rope intervals after my lifting. I started this program monday, so I can’t comment on results, but I’m excited to see how it goes.

Your goals should really determine what type of training you do.

Why do you want to increase your anaerobic endurance? What purpose are you trying to fulfill?

If you are just interested in building muscle, then you don’t have to do things like tabata, HIIT and the like. Not saying they won’t work, but they aren’t necessary. Just plain old steady state cardio combined with a good clean diet can keep you pretty lean while gaining mass. If you want to get more specific you can experiment with things like carb cycling.

But, don’t make things harder than they have to be either. Get the basics down well first, then if desired, you can start experimenting with the finer details.

As far as anaerobic endurance, I’ll say that personally I’ve never found anything superior to Charlie Lysak’s CRAWL routine. 830 reps, 19,000-21,000 total lbs lifted, 900 lbs lifted per minute, 20 minutes non stop.

And that’s just the suggested starting point! What makes the routine truly superior for strength endurance is the fact that it’s progressive in nature. So as you get stronger, the workout gets harder.

Google “primalstrength” and you’ll find the website.

swim across the pool 3 times with 1 breath.


holding your breath during any set should work