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Anaerobic and Aerobic


Guys, this question has been bothering me. Does interval training, prowler pushes, complexes, anything that is non steady state benefit your cardiovascular system (heart health) as much as jogging or anything that is steady state (continuous) for 15-45 min with 55-85% of your heart rate?


Anything that gets your heart and lungs going will benefit the cardiovascular system.

Every do a taxing squat workout? Was your heart pumping heart? Were you huffing and puffing? Hopefully so.

Don't do too much jogging (unless you truly enjoy that stuff or are training for a particular race) as it is more beneficial to condition yourself with higher intensity activities, i.e. weight training, prowler/sled dragging/pushing, sprints.


Short answer - Yes.

Long answer, read the stuff I just posted in this thread:


Thanks guys, awesome links


As I've said many times before, I disagree whole-heartedly with the above.

You will not get the same benefit from pushing a prowler as you will from running for 3 miles. And one is NOT better than the other. It just depends what you're training for.

It has nothing to do with enjoying "that stuff" - there's certain things you'll train for that you'll need more of an aerobic base, and that's where the longer distance runs come in.


People need to read up on Energy Systems.

OP, those examples you listed all train different aspects of your body's energy systems, from aerobic to the several parts of the anaerobic system.

There is no one right way. I dont see why this is such a black or white issue. Being able to run 5 miles at a good clip will not turn you into a pussy. Most people that think that are weak as fuck anyways.


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