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I bought these pills off a guy i used to play highschool football with. He says they are anadrol. But from the pics of the pills i’ve seen on the net they look different. He says they came from Cuba. They are a light green color and like an oval shape more than a circle. He also gave me some safety pills to keep the side effects down. When i take them i don’t feel much different. I take half a pill a day. He said if you take a full pill at once it can give you a heart attack. Has anyone ever tried anadrol, and if so does this sound like the same stuff?

I’ve heard that when taking anodrol you will get a bit of a headache when you take them. Now i know this is vague, but if you cant find any pictures it could be your only clue. You could also find a physicians reference manual and try to find a picture in there, or try an anabolics book. Other than that i cant really help you.

However, i would suggest its probably a pretty stupid idea to start taking some random pills you dont even know the name of. If it is anodrol, it is a very strong drug and great care should be taken while using it. Anodrol aromatizes to estrogen very readily. Hopefully your “side effect blocking pills” have some nolvadex or clomid in them.


thanks I have opted not to take them. I’m gonna try to find someone that can get me winstrol cuz i really don’t need to gain that much, but i could use help losin some body fat and gainin a little strength.

can somebody smack this kid

Sorry for being harsh solo, but you need to do some serious reading on this site and others before you actually consider doing juice. Your taking it much too lightly and its pretty obvious you dont know much.


Start reding the “Steroid Newbie Thread”.

Then do a ton of research.

Post a proper cycle on this board for the vets to review.

After that, MAYBE you’re ready???

Do you keep a food log, training log??

I would have to agree with most here… do more research. In my opinion, Anadrol by itself won’t give you good gains. You will get super strong, gain alot of weight, but swell up with water as well. Be prepared to retain ALOT of water. Once your cycle of Anadrol has ended, you will pretty much lose EVERYTHING you have gained… TRUST ME.

I have done Anadrol before in the past, but I have also stacked it with atleast 2 or 3 other chemicals (ie. some test, fina, winny, etc.) Stacking Anadrol with other chemicals will help you retain ALOT more of your newly acquired mass. Good luck.

Saftey pill. HMMMMMM.