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Anadrol with Winny


I was thinking about doing a cycle of 4 weeks of 100 mg of adrol ed and on the third week start a cycle of winny for 3 to 4 weeks doing 50mg ed and then taking clomid for 6 weeks. Need some advice!!


Use injectable test along with it.


why is this an actual thing???


I highly suggest you rethink your approach. 100mg Drol is a lot unless you’re an experienced user. Aslo winny right after Drol sounds like goodbye all your gains. Let your body solidify the gains from the Drol and progressively cut down after if thats what you were going for (Bulk then cut in one cycle is the new thing apparently). A better strategy would be:

Test E 300-600mg/wk (Wk 1-10)
Drol 50mg ED (Wk 1-4)
Winny 50mg ED (Wk 8-12)


How long of time off should I do


Time on = Time off. Always.


So all together I would be about 3 months on and 3 months off?