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Anadrol with Test C and Tren

I’m 49 years old. 205 lbs. and in good physical shape! I picked up my first dumbbells when I was 7 years old, and have been weightlifting ever since! I was once 260 lbs in my mid to late 30’s with the help of a lot of pro hormones, and steroids like test C, Test E, nandrolone !
My diet is basically chicken, with minimal carbs. The most carbohydrates I have is from 15 grain breads, and oatmeal, oat bread! Iv bin juicing for the past 3 years and never really cycled! I have low T to begin with from all the steroids and pro hormones! I am 5’10 205lbs and I want to be that 260lb BEAST again!!! I have 50mg Anadrol in oil, 250mg Test Cyp, 500mg Test E, 40mg Dianabol in oil, and 100mg Trend Acatate! Can someone help me with a good combo,and cycle to do? I would appreciate it.