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Anadrol with Deca: Yay or Nay? And Why?


Im thinking to drop my dbol and continue with Anadrol

I always only see Dbol/Deca/Test, barely ever hear people being fond about Anadrol with Deca, why is this? This is the only reason i went with Dbol, but personally i only experience more side effects with Dbol for about the same gains, never get gyno with Drol even without AI, while with Dbol i have to combat hardcore with AI to prevent gyno growth.

What is the reason that Drol isnt popular to stack with deca? I know Tren with Drol is common, done that before, but why not with Deca?

I think it’s less common than test/deca/dbol but I don’t know why that is. I can’t see a reason to not do exactly what you said you want to do.

Anadrol aka drol is known to have progesterone like activity. The hormone in deca is nandrolone which is a progesterone or activates the same receptors as progesterone. The typical rule is you don’t use two progesterones at a time. I know you see guys saying they use tren and deca but they have to have some serious experience in order to think about it along with some serious reason to risk it. Even guys that don’t react to deca or tren will react to both at the same time.

Guys probably do mix deca with drol but I bet they have some prami or caber or something on hand to counteract the prolactin that tends to come me along with the progesterone activity.

That combo is doable but if your just thinking hey why not and don’t have the experience to know what to do if you have issues, then I would advise against it.

This is a good guide to how to choose what to stack together.

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