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Anadrol/Winstrol Oral Stack - How Long?


Hi guys,

I've already tried a 2 week run of 100mg Anadrol with 50mg Winstrol (all orals) which was a cycle that was spoken about in this forum. My question is, how long could I safely do this stack for continuously? Would a 6 to 8 week run be hazardous? Should I lower the dose for that kind of time frame? I'm 6', 180lbs, 15% bodyfat. Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.



I will do a (supposedly crazy) run with 100mg drol, 30-40mg dbol and 25-50mg winstrol for 6 weeks, starting monday. Then a 4week pct with nolva (and possibly clomid).

Most say to run it for 4 weeks max, though.

Doing several two weekers are probably safer, but I have read about so many that have had success with longer runs that i will try one. Not saying you should do the same, as it might be risky!


Thanks Bali,

The 2 weeker I did gave me a bit of gains but not enough to justify taking them. I would have preferred to have done something a bit longer term. Perhaps I'll try a 4 weeker and just see how it goes... then if everything is good I'll just stay on a bit longer... maybe a max of 6 weeks should be sufficient. I would have loved to have added some anavar to the mix but it's so damn expensive and I don't know if adding it will do enough to justify the cost.


not trying to be a smart ass here, but why dbol, drol, winni?? sounds like a combo for liver failure and the gains you could get (and keep) might come from a different compound stack that's easier on the body and safer with less chance of gyno...

I haven't seen people put dbol and drol together I guess is what catches my eye...

what's your theory on that? out of curiosity if you don't mind me asking?

It is still kind of scary mixing three methyls imo...



I have also thought of running anavar, but like you said, it's incredibly expensive, and often faked.


3 orals? I got the impression 2 was bad enough.


So.... no objections from anyone?


6 weeks of prop will get you much better results with less sides at a lower cost.

I think its overall not a good idea. Stick to the two weeks if you plan to run high dose orals.

Plan a real injectable cycle with something tried true and proven if you wish to go multiple weeks.


If I wanted to stick with the orals (and I already have them in my possession) what type of dose should I consider for a longer run like that?


3 orals for 6 weeks? Looks good on paper but not in actuality. I wouldn't do it. I might be wrong, but I believe that the toll on the liver by running that protocol will be colossal. Some ex-top NPC competitor might chime in and tell me how wrong I am because he would run dbol at 60mg/day as a kickstart for his kickstart with drol which he ran at 150mg/day for 6 weeks as a kickstart for his 4g/week main bulker. All the time with no ill effects on the liver. I would take no fucking chances, play it safe and look into running an injectable.


Keep in mind that's two orals, not three. Anadrol and Winsrol is what I have. If I DID do a 6 weeker with only those two, what dose would you suggest and would I get any gains with that low of dose?


I know it wasn't you vin I was just commenting on that one guys 6 weeker liver pureer. I'm not qualified to answer that question, mate. I don't want to be thrown on the barby.


An Aussie from Alabama? Is that even possible? ;o)

No worries, mate... I'm sure someone will chime in eventually...



I wonder who this is directed at. :wink:


haha, you guys are killing me! Do you really belive running two orals for 6 weeks will do that much harm?

I am a total newb when it comes to steroids, and so I will not advise anyone here what do to. But say 50mg drol and 25-50mg win for 6 weeks I would think is actually quite safe.

On the other hand my own 100mg drol, 30-40mg dbol, 25-50mg winstrol might not be the absolute safest, I will give you that. I still don't think it will kill my liver.

The drol/dbol combo is praised by many. Gavin Kane amongst others.

I really do feel many comment without really knowing to much about what they are talking about. Yes oral steroids stress your liver. No, they have NOT caused liver cancer at anywhere near these dosages. Go with anadrol at 300-400 mg for 18 months, THEN you'll get some serious liver problems.

And I WOULD inject if I could keep syringes and stuff in my apartment, but I can't, so orals is my only option for the time being.

(end of rant/hijack)


I COULD always do 50mg drol and 50mg winnie. I also COULD do only the winnie at 50mg if I wanted to stay a bit safer. Any other opinions?


I have been under the impression that liver toxicity is more a function of duration of use as opposed to level of abuse.

That being said the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off method appears to make the most sense to me. As opposed to running 8 weeks straight with an oral stack.

No, actually running prop for 8 weeks makes more sense to me but I don't think you are about to change your drug choice so I will stop at that.


I just found that when I did the 2 weeks on routine I would only start feeling a difference during the last few days of the second week as it took time to kick in. But, by then, it was time to stop. Granted, it lasted another few days after I stopped... but still. I would have preferred something a little more continuous.

I have read of some people having results with as little as 25mg of winnie ed. Perhaps 50mg drol and 25mg winnie would be a low enough dose to allow me to go a little longer?


Sounds pretty safe to me. I will go much higher.

I had exactly the same experience as you on the two weekers: Just as things took off, it was time to take a break.

If one wants to read how oxymetholone is NOT so evil, one might read this:


Oxy for six to 18 months, prescribed to children, NO liver problems, conclusion that most previous findings regarding how liver toxic anadrol is, might have been due to patients with prevoius liver problems.

Anyway, maybe it's all bullshit and the internet-bros know best! :slight_smile:


I think the thing this is stemming from is the fact that you are looking for more/better gains, that will stick with you post cycle correct?

The thing is with orals, some of us are expecting too much to come from these compounds imho. They will only do so much, there's no comparison to doing an injectable cycle of prop etc in the same time frame. Sometimes it's best to not try and FORCE something to happen with oral steroids, that could potentially, possibly damage your liver, when you really should just stop messing around and get the proper gear and hardware together to do it right.

I like oral compounds myself, but I don't expect to get the gains from them that I would get from a decent injectable cycle which is much more easily tolerable to the human body in many ways.

Having said that, lol, if you're hell bent on this, and you really want to enjoy the run once things start to really hit, then why not go for a couple 4 week blasts with time off in between? 4 weeks is plenty, and wouldn't pose the same degree of liver issues that going past 4 weeks does. Not only liver but lipid values etc are going to take a hit here also.

Vin, if you want to go to 6 then I would suggest dosing at 50/25 per day drol/win the whole way. Or I would do that and pulse the extra 50/25 on wkout days only.

Bali, you are talking about the 3 together, and I just wouldn't do that past 2 weeks personally, and I didn't in fact. I'm not sure what to tell you on your plan. You don't seem to want to change it, and you want to make yours a longer cycle too. I simply wouldn't do that for the reasons I stated in the second paragraph here. I would just do that triple combo in shorty bursts of 2 weeks imo.

TO anyone, I would definitely keep the drol dose at the same or higher than the winstrol. Winstrol definitely does take and dry your joints out, especially without another compound helping to keep them "wet". I wouldn't bother running it by itself for very long, unless you tolerate it better than the average guy, or have a higher estro level to help with that.

Just my 2 cents here guys, I'm no expert but have done all of the aforementioned scenarios that I'm touching on if that makes what I said any more palatable. I mean all of them too. :slightly_smiling:

Good luck to all,