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Anadrol & Winstrol In Same Cycle


Has anyone used anadrol,and winstrol (injectable) together in the same cycle?


I'm currently using A-Drol and Winny(oral) as a kick start to my cycle; A-Drol 100mgED, Winny 50mgED. The two work really well together. I wouldn't suggest this combo purely as a cycle on its own as you will struggle to retain the gains you make when you come off.

A-Drol gets a bad rep. It really is an effective oral, but you need to keep its use to 3-4 weeks max as it is really hepatoxic, especially when twinned with another 17aa AAS (like Winny).



I plan on using 100mg day of anadrol 100mg day winstrol(injectable) as a kick start for cycle, plan on taking 100mg day of test.prop.75mg day tren.acetate 25mg day proverion 10mg day novaldex. will the winstrol keep water retention low? will test. tren. help keep gains made from anadrol?


The A-Drol will stop the Winny causing joint pain, but I've noticed that my muscles have definitely smoothed off due to retaining more water. For me this isn't a worry as I'm on a long cycle (+16 weeks). You can find my exact cycle at