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Anadrol + Winstrol Cycle


Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and I would like your advice on the cycle I am starting on Monday. I hope I am in the right place.

I already made this cycle ones, I obtained good gains but my problem was the post cycle where I lost over a 50% of them during the next month. I would really like to ask for your advice in order to maintain my gains to the fullest.

This is an oral cycle composed by the intake of 50tabs of 50mg Anadrol and 100 tabs of 10mg Stanozolol in the period of 30 days.

I am 24 years old, weight 70kgs (154 pounds), Height 175cm (5.75 feet). I look for mass building, trying to reach (hopefully)gains for 10kgs (22 pounds) with this cycle. I am planning to consume approximately 3500 kcal, 300gr prot, 300gr carb and 70gr fat daily.

I am planing to start with a low daily dosis intake of 20mg of Stano + 50mg anadrol for the first 3 days, followed up by 40mg of stano + 100mg anadrol daily intake for the next 20 days and finally finishing with a lower intake of the same starting dosis of 20mg stano + 50mg anadrol for the last 7 days reaching a 30 days cycle. I am also planing to take Milk Thisle (3 tabs daily - 480mg) as a liver protector during the cycle.

As post cycle I am planing to take 1 tab of 20mg Tamoxifen daily for 2 weeks.

I am currently training with the 5/3/1 method 5 days a week.

Is there anything you would add, take out or change with this plan? Why?
Thank you all very much.


This priceless.

How about you try food. Your cycle is shit by the way and that is why you lost over 50% of your gains last time and will do so this time... Oh that and you obviously don't know how to use your kitchen.


well it's Sunday afternoon and I'm bored. So let's dig deep into this...


You most certainly are in the right place. Please continue.

So you did a cycle that resulted in losing 50% of the gains, and you considered this such a success that it was worth repeating? Does that seem reasonable to you? Sure, a pound or two lost is expected, and a litle dip in strength, but 50% indicates either:

a) poor choice of cycle
b) lack of intensity in the gym
c) poor diet
d) all of the above

I think it's fair to assume that your problem is: d) all of the above

That is not a good cycle. Oral only cycles are not great at the best of times, but this is a particularly bad example. Some people do run oral only cycles and make very modest gains which is fine if modest gains are all you are looking for, but to make a cycle worth your while you really need to use injectable testosterone as a base.

154lbs at 5' 9" is very skinny, which indicates you don't know what you're doing with regards to your diet. Even assisted, you do NOT need 300g of protein at your current bodyweight. Reduce the protein to 200g maximum and replace the lost calories with carbohydrate. That'll get ya gainin'.

Also, a 10kg gain from a cycle is MASSIVE. Realistically, the chances of you gaining that much actual muscle (instead of a load of water weight, which is what you'll get from your proposed abortion of a cycle) from even a proper cycle is slim.

This is all completely wrong. Abandon this entirely.

This is also completely wrong, and also helps explain why you lost so much of your "gains" from your last cycle.

5/3/1 is fine, although I'm not sure what you're doing on the 5th day...

Everything. I would literally change every single thing.


Hello Yogi,

Thank you for your reply.

Since I already got the Anadroxyl and Stanoxyl 10 and I am not going to abandon this I would like your further advice.

The last time I took this combination I actually had really good gains, 8 kgs in 30 days where I lost 4 during the post cycle. As you said I would blame it to the lack of intensity and poor diet during this stage.
Because of this I am seeking on advice on how to maintain this gains.

Referring to my intake plan, what would you say is entirely wrong? Is the combination you don't like? the way of in-taking? or something regarding the liver protector?

Also, what would you recommend me taking during post cycle instead of tamoxifen?

Regarding my training though 5/3/1, on Wednesday (the extra day) I do cardio, abs, pull ups and push ups, no weight at all.

Thanks in advance for any further advice


Well you disregarded my last advice, so I'm not going to waste my time giving you any more.

Good day to you, sir.


well..since OP is not going to listen to reason.. I guess il just give him a couple tidbits

milk thistle is shit.. studies performed on it used really pure stuff, approximately 95% of places sell shit.. use NAC and/or Tudca

run pct for at least 4 weeks.. just nolva is fine.


Wait. You weighed 66kg at 1.75cm when you did your first cycle???


Thanks Walkway I'll do that.

I actually weighted 64, reaching 72. this was over a year ago.

The last 3 months I managed to reach to 71kgs, making a 2kg/month progress. The idea of this cycle for me is to reach 78-80kg which is not impossible taking in consideration my last cycle. I consider that for my height I weight too low and this cycle will help me to reach a good weight fast. After this I am planning to go all natural again, I just want a weight boost, obviously I don't want to compromise my health in the long run either that is why I am here asking for advise.

This cycle was recommended by a very close friend who is a professional body builder, I still don't understand what is wrong with it. Could someone tell me which is the problem with this? Is the combination? The way of intake? It short length? Any comment regard this is completely welcome.


Your a fucking idiot that's what is wrong with it and I,seriously doubt a IFBB Pro would suggest you do such a shitty cycle when you obviously have no idea how to eat or train at this point unless of course he is the one selling you the gear in which I don't blame him talking you to giving him some quick good profit cash. Oh and lol at your after this Imma go all natty again so not only are you pretty well uneducated and undertrained your a fake natty at that giving a whole new low of respect or regards for you.


Reed, I think you just know shit :slight_smile:


You are an idiot.

Even if you gain 8kg on anadrol, half of it will be water.

You have been gaining 2kg per month. You intend to go through a one month cycle and another month of pct to gain 4kg.



This is the problem, and it's why you will not end up with the advice you're looking for. Oral only cycles, as previously mentioned, are mostly garbage.

Your biggest problem is not eating though. At a 155 lb bodyweight, you shouldn't have lost any gains post-cycle. Your diet sucks, and you shouldn't be taking drugs without getting this straight first. Otherwise, you're wasting your time, your money, and the longevity of your liver.


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