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Anadrol/Winstrol. 2wks On, 2wks Off


I'm getting ready to run Anadrol for the first time. Ive ran plenty of injectable cycles. this will be my first Anadrol. Im looking for advice for stacking and cycles. Ive done some research just looking for opinions from fellow gear heads. Thanks.


Sounds to me your a newbie dude if your going to to anadrol don't go off it til your done and are you running any test with the anadrol and what are your stats and why winni with it 2weeks on and 2weeks off is just a bad idea...


Anadrol + winny is a great orals-only cycle. I have done a few two on, two off cycles with this combo myself. Great results, very little in terms of sides.
It won't give the same results as 10 weeks of test e at 700mgs stacked with anadrol, but I guess you already know that.


Pretty sure "great oral-only cycle" is an oxymoron.


Just to add my 2 cents: Anadrol and winstrol at a 2:1 ratio works well. Very well. I think Bill Roberts has written something about the winstrol countering the sides, or some of the sides of the anadrol. I have tried taking 50mg Drol and 25mg winstrol pre workout and it is great,the strength boost and the pumps are unreal. My friend takes it every day on top of his test and swears by it, he was noticably bigger and more cut after the first week-seriously.

I'm not saying to do a Drol and winny only cycle, but don't knock the combo 'til you've tried it...


It's entirely possible to have good results with an oral only cycle. Sure, you won't make gains like a standard 8-10 week injectable based run will provide, but to say oral only is a waste of time is a train of thought that is relatively untrue and has been encouraged on forums as gospel. It works, Period. Especially in the 2 on 2 off approach. That being said, the person choosing the oral only route must modify their goals and expectations with the knowledge that it is less ideal than a traditional method of cycling.......that is the key to being happy with your results, especially since the OP has apparently done injectables. Winny and Drol is a decent stack providing good synergy and if the duration is kept relatively short, has little sides. As mentioned a 2:1 ratio is a good starting point. I prefer 1:1 if you're going for only 2 weeks.


So what are you trying to argue then after stating it's an inferior "cycle"? Saying it's better than 'running NO Xplode' or some shit isn't saying much. It's like choosing the gayer of two evils.


There isn't an argument. The conventional broism that oral only is shit, just simply is not true. It's about perspective. The point was not that it was inferior...the point is it does work, and work well for those who have their expectations in the right place, which does not equate with inferior in that context. Quantity of gains may not be the same, but you can still make high quality gains. People made good gains on the original MAG-10...basically a legal steroid....so if you can't on some winny/drol then you're not doing something right. It's not always about the drugs.

I should add that I'm not implying anyone here lacks the know how to make gains....it's just that you so frequently hear something to the effect of "i took 50 mg dbol as day for 3 weeks and lost everything after" which reflects poorly on the individual, not the choice of cycle. There is a long time vet on here, who'll remain nameless, whom shared his experiences with me using just dbol and adex. He did a few weeks of dbol in the 30-40 mg range with adex, had bloodwork done during his use and post cycle and made gains he was happy with, with minimal suppression and an easy recovery. Again, its all about your perspective. Long cycles are great, but have potential drawbacks including diminished returns at some point of longer durations, and issues with recovery. Short cycles are great too, but obviously the quantity of gains made will be less, and you get the feeling that you are coming off right when you feel you are making the most progress. It's all a trade off based on what you measure as success over the long term.


Only from principle and related examples, not from direct comparison, I'd think it better for any given amount of mg/day to stack oxandrolone, Winstrol, and Anadrol rather than just the latter two.

An example blend of them would be to put about 25% the dosage into oxandrolone and split the Winstrol and Anadrol equally.

E.g., if one idea had been to do 100 mg/day each of Anadrol and Winstrol, an alternate that I'd personally bet would work better would be 50 mg/day oxandrolone and 75 mg/day each Winstrol and Anadrol.


Would this be because anavar has much greater binding affinity to the androgen receptors than either anadrol or winstrol?


To clairify; do you mean 50mg Anavar + 75mg Winstrol + 75mg Anadrol per day OR 50mg Anavar + 75mg Winstrol/Anadrol Blend?
Thank You


He said 'each'. Notice he was aiming for the same 200mg/d total.


Perhaps. It would make sense that that would be the reason.

I said it because of observation though: the stacks work much better than the same total dosage provided as only one drug or the other.


2 weeks on / 2 weeks off with Anadrol, interesting.

What are you doing for PCT?

Post up if you execute this cycle, I'm curious as to what your results will be. Never done an "oral only" cycle before.