Hey guys I came across this forum and got reading, it seems like you all know alot and I was hoping to get some input :slight_smile:

Weight 165
Age 22
Height 5’7
Body Fat% 14

I have tried a cycle approx 1 year ago with great results,and now I am wanting to try another.

Oral Anadrol 50mg/day for 21 days
Day 18 start Oral winstrol 25mg/day for 3 days then bump up to 50mg daily for 27 days
Tons of milkthisle and precaution gyno
(I am aware oral is not the greatest but I do not want to take needles)

With my own research I have constructed a diet I am using currently and plan to use throughout my cycle.

Breakfast usually consists of 2-3 eggs 1-2 pieces of wholegrain toast, 3 slices of bacon with a proteinshake/vegetable juice

between breakfeast and lunch I eat a bowl of oatmeal with a peanutbutter sandwich

My lunch should consist of tuna and some pasta and cottage cheese

between lunch and supper more oatmeal and PB sandwich(maybe some veggies)

Supper Chicken breasts or Fish with pasta or rice and veggies

Before bed something along with cottage cheese.

And throughout the day I drink tons of Coffee/Water/Vitaminwater/Vegetable Juice

As far as supplements go I am taking 4-6 Milkthistle tablets per day+fish oil

I was curious as to whether I could get some critiqueing on my cycle plan and diet

come over to the steroid forum. We’ll take care of you…

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Where to start.

  1. Physically you do not need steroids. Learn how to lift and eat correctly.
  2. your diet looks terrible. If you can’t figure out why then you really need to learn more about how to eat.
  3. you’re 22. Stop fucking with your body with stupid shit and just go lift and eat and stop being short sighted.