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Anadrol + Win + Clen

Hello everybody!

New to the forums, have read alot of these and this one seemed the most proffessional with good advices.

This is why I’m also writing. I am planning on a cycle. This would be my first one and I’ve read the results in the first one would be the best, so… go big!

I want to get a bit bigger and leaner look. I’m afraid of needles, so I’m going oral for 11 weeks in total. The cycle will look like this -

Starting the cycle with Anadrol, Winstrol and Clen.

The anadrol will be taken only for the first 2 weeks 50mg/day
Starting with Winstrol with 40mg/day
Clenbuterol with 0,4mg/day

Will be taking Winstrol for 8 weeks total. 2 weeks, 40mg/day, 3-5 week 50mg/day, 6-7 week 40mg/day, 8th week 30mg/day.

Clen will be done for the whole 11 weeks. 1 week 0,4mg/day, 2nd week 0,8mg/day. 1 week off and the same again. The last 2 weeks of the cycle the amount will be at 0,8mg/day.

At my 5th week I’ll start taking Nolva 20mg/day.

Will take milk thistle, question here, when shall I start with it. Right from the beginning?
Other supplements aswell, protein, aminos, Vitamins (A,B,C,D3,E).
Will stay on a low-carb diet, with approx 2000-2500 kcal/day.

Been training for a year now. 186,5cm tall and 92kgs.

What do you think? Any advice is helpful.


I’m new to the forum too and have the exact same question. Does anyone have a more informative response than “yikes”?

Triple everything

Research is your friend! This “cycle” isn’t going to do shit (except fuck you up), it’s sounds like you picked up someones leftovers. Get some Test, man up about injections, and EAT! 2000-2500 calories a day is a restricted diet! Most hit that by noon each day when trying to grow. Your body isn’t going to grow if you aren’t giving it the fuel to even sustain enough energy to do basic functions, let alone weight training.

Yikes was a compliment too!

I think he meant yikes about how you will feel! KILLER on the liver and kidneys. eeeep watch those liver enzymes. What dont you like about needles? You could only pin 2x a week. How are you expected to go through hard tearing workouts but be afraid of a 22-25g needle???

that’s a bad cycle. The 2 weeks of drol will do nothing except maybe bloat you slightly. Then you’re doing 8 weeks at a low dose of Winny, which will do nothing. 11 weeks of clen won’t be fun either.

You’re starting your PCT drugs with 6 weeks left of cycle to run. That’s certainly an individual take on how to PCT. The key letter in that acronym is P for “post.”

So yeah, your cycle gets an F. Must try harder.

I would never recommend an oral only cycle. They’re pretty much completely pointless. If I was ever so irresponsible as to design an oral only cycle I’d recommed 40mg dbol and 100mg var every day for 6 weeks, followed by a proper PCT. But I’d never be so irresponsible…