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Anadrol Why Bother?

I’m new to this and just feeling my way around. It seems that d-bol and a-drol cause huge gains (with sides) but, all is lost post cycle? Why would anyone want to do a cycle as this? I’m serious, not an a__hole. I am looking to add some mass and these seem to be the drugs to use but, if all is lost, then WTF? Are these guys exagerating about ALL being lost and really mean a great deal? Which way would I END UP WITH the most mass A bombs/winny or tbol? I know initially I would blow up on a-drol but, in the end what would I end up with? I’m 45 by the way and already on hrt for life:( I’m looking to add some mass…

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I like anadrol because it makes me very strong in a short time. I don’t train for strength, but sometimes it’s nice to kick the ass of a pair of dumbells that have been holding me back, lol. This could be very useful for those looking to break through a strength plateau as well. An other use is at the stert of a longer cycle of injectables - you want a psychological kick and a’drol will give you that within a few days when you laugh at what was previously a heavy weight… SOme folks hate a’drol though for its sides like sickness/flu symptoms.[/quote]

O.K., Do I keep the strength after busting through a plateau or do I go back to square one post cycle? Your answer seems to be what I’m interested in. I’m 45 and fell in love with lifting later in life than I would have liked (If I only knew back then)and I’m looking to jump my progress ahead before I get too old to proceed, weight wise.I’m 5’6" 220 and have been lifting about five years now. I’m looking to break some personal records and add/keep some new mass.I don’t want to go back to my old squat/bench/dl numbers post cylce.I’m sorry so long winded but, I’ve been lurking around for some time on these boards and I’ve been reading your advice to people and you seem knowledgeable. Thanks, timhlbrk

You should keep some of your gains. I’m not familiar how someone who is already on HRT would go about it, as any sort of PCT I think would be counter-intuitive to your goals of a higher than average test.

Is there any reason you are against injectibles? I’m assuming you are already getting test as part of your weekly HRT, but supplementing with more could give you the results you want, alone or stacked with an oral.

Others chime in?

though the general feeling seems to agree with what you have heard, it hasn’t been the case with me. When I started competing in the 80’s, Dbol was my first compound. I don’t get bloat,I don’t lose what I gain after ceasing, and I have always used an anti-e. One caveat, my liver enzymes have never been out of normal except once. That was when I did 50mg Anadrol ED. It also caused a small nodule under one nipple, which thankfully went away after cessation. something to consider.

Unless you don’t know how to properly train eat and run pct you shouldn’t lose ALL of your gains. Still running drol alone or dbol alone will most likely leave you disillusioned (sp?).

They’re good for strength and size quick but best if used in conjunction with test which should be run for a longer course then your oral to help solidify your initial gains. However, from what you listed as your choices (not sure why you’re limiting yourself though?)

I think drol and winny would be a nice combo. However tbol would probably be your best choice as it’s less toxic and the gains will most likely be more solid.

Either that or anavar wich imo is the best choice of all if you’re looking for gains that you will keep plus no bloat, and apparently you don’t want to pin yourself.

[quote]timhlbrk wrote:
I’m 45 by the way and already on hrt for life:( I’m looking to add some mass…[/quote]

if you are on HRT… simply run more T :slight_smile:

I’m not against injections at all, just concerned with customs (U.S.) I am on androgel 7.5g at present.I don’t intend to be limiting myself to any particular combo. I am trying to discern which oral would be best suited for my needs.I’m looking to gain as much mass/strength as possible and keep as much as possible without too many sides.

’ I’m not against injections at all, just concerned with customs (U.S.) ’

I don’t get this

what difference will it make wether you get vials or tabs?

I’ve run dbol twice solo and gotten some awesome gains which I kept most of. Of course you won’t have 100% of them afterwards, but running PCT and still eating a lot and trianing hard you can expect to keep most of them. The only thing I’ve lost post cycle on dbol is some water, aside from that it’s treated me good.

I’m going to have to ask the same thing. Orals tend to almost always= more side affects.

Something like test and eq would be very nice imo. I gained and kept the better part of 25 lbs with my first cycle of sust/eq/dbol.