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Anadrol vs. Anabol

I was BSing in my gym with a couple of guys at the juice station. The subject some how came up about steroids.
One of the dudes was talking about Anabo(D-bol) and how great and powerful it was. The other guy was retorting that Anadrol is stronger and better. His reasoning is since Anadrol comes in 50 mg hence the name, Anadrol 50, a person need only take 1-2 tabs per day for maximum results. D-bol coming in only 5-10 mg tabs is less strong and you would need to take more tabs and your liver would not tolerate the D-bol as well as the Anadrol. i stayed out of the argument and just nodded my head. I didn’t want to argue so I left.
My question is this. On a milligram per milligram, which is stronger and more toxic to the liver?
Is 5mg of D-bol as strong or stronger than 5mg of Anadrol? Vice versa

anadrol is known as one of the most toxic oral steroids,d-bol is know as the breakfast of champions. kidding aside, do some homework and you’ll find out quick why most people steer clear of anadrol, and why alot mass stacks have d-bol in them.

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Thanks BB
That’s what I figured. I know its not normal to be taking 100mg of Dbol everyday. I just thought that was interesting to hear what would be stronger. I guess Dbol is stronger than Anadrol on a milligram per milligram basis

I disagree. For me anyway, I have found that 50-55mgs of D-bol to much weaker than 50mgs of Anadrol. Based on what I felt I would say the D is about 75% as strong as the A bombs. But everyone is different.

Anadrol is quite good. You get massive gains while on, but you tend to lose a good bit of it because it’s just retained water. Nevertheless, what you keep is pretty good.

It is pretty toxic, so I’d use it sparingly and take long breaks between cycles with it. Use other stuff in between.

My two bits.