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Anadrol Sucks These Balls

Well fellow juice bags, I guess this one’s too “hardcore” for this boy. I’m pretty damn sure after a week I’m throwing in my hat…and then kicking it all over the field sputtering variations of the word fuck.

It’s been afficially a week and my spring break starts officially tomorrow. I’m not going anywhere special, however I do have a nice weekend lined up;-) Make a little cash, smack a little ass (maybe a nice thick one to), and smoke a lil’ hash. BTW, it’s (thc) been helping with the drol sides but it’s not really an alternative I care to use every day.

So I’m going to switch to probably 75-50 mgs of drol instead. I am considering switching to the dbol for the next few days till the drol sides go away. And then going back on till the sides become intolerable again. I’d only do this for a total of three-4 weeks since I’m only looking to do a 6-8 week cycle. TOPS! Then recover for a summer cutter.It should also be noted that I’m not on tren right now and that is definitely a good thing as the side effects would definitely be like maturbating with a cheese grader, slightly amusing…but mostly painful.

Soo upon the conclusion of my drol critique I’d like to pose my only final question. Would there be any logical reason to switch back and forth between drol/dbol as I described? My answer would be it’s a stupid idea as the longterm use benefits wouldn’t be allowed to take place.

you’re kind of a walking pharmacy, aren’t you?

[quote]Wideguy wrote:
Make a little cash, smack a little ass (maybe a nice thick one to), and smoke a lil’ hash. [/quote]

Damn, with rhymin skills like that, you could go platinum.

Hey, whatever works. I’ve known of so many lifters whose doping schedule was so haphazard as to defy all effectiveness, yet gains and PR’s were still made. I see no problem whatsoever.


You have a way with prose, brutha!

Can you eloborate more on the sides from the drol and what else are you taking with it?

I have only used DBOL and VAR, and VAR is hands down the best oral for me, strength, vascularity,etc. DBOL kills my lower back.

Drol sides with 1 gram of test prop a week include lethargy, stomach cramps/bloating, loss of appetite, increased body temp, agression, and a little mild headache here and there. Headaches isn’t that bad though.

When I was younger I ran an Anadrol with Test cycle, and had similiar sides as you Wideguy. I ran 100 to 150mgsED and couldn’t stand it! I felt bloated and always felt like I ate a big meal. BP soared and you may as well tattoed sparkletts on my back, cuz I was retaining some serious water. Haven’t touched A-bombs since then.

Hey Sancho who old are you know if you don’t mind me asking?

[quote]Wideguy wrote:
Hey Sancho who old are you know if you don’t mind me asking?[/quote]
I’m 36 years young!

Well I’ve cut the drol for 2 solid days now and switched to dbol 50 mgs ed. I am considering running both say 25-50 dbol in the first half of my day then 25 drol before the gym and 25 after. Both servings of drol taken with a protein shake and the second one with food and a protein shake. Eitherway it’s 100 mgs of an oral and I’m not really looking to go over that mark. Anyone see some flaws with this idea? Is it decent or does it just plain suck?

I think your plan would be fine.

I switched last week to taking 75mgs of anadrol in the evening about an hour or two before my workout instead of in the mornings.

I have definately noticed a difference in apettite, it has actually come back.

I have been feeling a lot better the last several days as well since I switched to taking it in the evening.

Hope that helps.