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Anadrol Side Effects, Started Arimidex

I am on my 5th day of anadrol and my nipples are feeling sensitive and itchy I know they say it don’t aromatize but I can’t see it being the deca or sust since I’m only on my 5th day. I have started taking armidex .50mg every other day and have nova on its way. Will armidex be enough to combat these symptoms?

Your anadrol might be dbol my guy.

last time I took dbol it made me feel quite ill these don’t seem to and the guy I got them off is definatly reliable so hope it ain’t. it’s bumming me out as I think I might have to cut the drol and just stick with the Deca and sust if I can’t combat it :confused:

Here’s another thing to consider from my understanding altho anadrol doesn’t convert to estrogen it has the same side effects gyno being one of them. My buddy is running anadrol currently and says taking 10mg tamox a day is a must for him… Maybe this could work for you

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cheers will look into getting some. think I shall drop them for now until I get some as i would prefer not to risk gyno

Anadrol doesn’t aromatize, but it does have some weird downstream progesterone related things that happen. It’s why guys get “mystery gyno” on drol. I think the consensus treatment for this particular issue is ralox, as opposed to Nolva. But I have no experience with this beyond the anecdotes that I’ve read. I’d say dig deeper and see what you find.


I did some more digging and have decided just to drop it out of the cycle and stick with the deca and sust maybe try a kick start after a couple more cycles.