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Anadrol Results?

I’ll be running Anadrol at 50 MG Ed for my next blast. Lots of mixed reviews on the compound. Wondering what kind of experiences you have had with it, and what cycle length/dosages etc

I used it in my first cycle, 50mg for first 30 days. Upset stomach for a few days, lots of strength while test dose built up. I like it

Have Nolvadex on hand at all times. Use the best liver support you can find. Prepare for very rapid increase in strength.

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I have taken one tab, so my experience doesn’t mean much, but a buddy of mine who has what I consider freaky lifts (has deadlifted over 800 at 205 lbs) loves the stuff. He likes running test at 250 mg/wk, with 100 mg of adrol a day.

Have nolva just in case. He also said it isn’t great on the hair line.

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Lots of strength seems to be the consensus. Never liked dbol much so I’m pumped to try drol. I know most people that have tried both prefer drol. Gonna be running 500mg test e, 500 mg EQ, 350 mg Tren Ace and 50 mg Anadrol ED. Hoping for a lean bulk/recomp which will mainly be accomplished by diet

I’m going to be trying the same cycle in a few months with HGH instead of tren. Let me know how it goes.

Lol that would keeel me. I can barely handle anything above moderate test without bad anxiety and self prophesied issues. God bless. I hope you run a log.

My first ever cycle was bunk test and I had a bunch of side effects that were actually all in my head so I feel you on the self fulfilling prophecy sides

Used one time at 50 mg a day for 5 weeks. Strength went up a lot but was very hard on my stomach and appetite. Would have probably gained more strength if I was able to eat with it.