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Anadrol Questions

[quote]T1gNaL1 wrote:
I am interested in including anadrol in my next cycle. From my research some of the drugs qualities are: great pumps without the painfull shoulder and lower back pumps that many get from d-bol, creates a lot of water retention, gains are dificult to keep, and in prolonged use or high dosages can cause kidney damage.

With this in mind i was thinking of running 75mg-100mg a day for 4 weeks with 50mg-75mg of winny. I have never done an oral only cycle, and thats for very good reasons, they simply arent as effective. However I am interested in experimenting with this drug and its effects outside a large stack and with the holiday season approaching, visiting relatives and travel an oral only cycle would make things less complicated.

Things I am concerned about:

  1. The increase in Blood Pressure this drug is known for, mainly the headaches. But i believe at this dosage i should be alright. Would asparin help?

  2. I am not certain how anadrol affects sex drive? I can accept the drop in drive during pct but while im ON i want to be at full capacity.

  3. If I am stacking another oral would winny be my best bet, I have also considered anavar which is known for its retainable gains. I chose winny for its ability to reduce water retention.

Any answers and suggestions are greatly appreciated.[/quote]

What did you about your headaches and blood pressure?

I reduced my dosage down too 100mg a day then down to 50mg a day and then i stopped it all together as I couldnt stop the headaches. I am waiting a couple weeks and continueing to run it at 75mg a day. a buddy of mine said i may be able to reduce the spike in blood pressure by breaking the capsules up into a water bottle and drinking it through the day. My only advice is to start slow and then build up to the appropriate level. Goodluck