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Anadrol Questions


I am interested in including anadrol in my next cycle. From my research some of the drugs qualities are: great pumps without the painfull shoulder and lower back pumps that many get from d-bol, creates a lot of water retention, gains are dificult to keep, and in prolonged use or high dosages can cause kidney damage.

With this in mind i was thinking of running 75mg-100mg a day for 4 weeks with 50mg-75mg of winny. I have never done an oral only cycle, and thats for very good reasons, they simply arent as effective. However I am interested in experimenting with this drug and its effects outside a large stack and with the holiday season approaching, visiting relatives and travel an oral only cycle would make things less complicated.

Things I am concerned about:

  1. The increase in Blood Pressure this drug is known for, mainly the headaches. But i believe at this dosage i should be alright. Would asparin help?

  2. I am not certain how anadrol affects sex drive? I can accept the drop in drive during pct but while im ON i want to be at full capacity.

  3. If I am stacking another oral would winny be my best bet, I have also considered anavar which is known for its retainable gains. I chose winny for its ability to reduce water retention.

Any answers and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  1. reduce your drol dosage to 50 mg ED. 75 if you feel agressive. i've used drol in 3 consecutive short cycles and my blood pressure is great. no headaches either. its probably very individual dependant for sides....just keep the dosage reasonable and see how you react.

  2. never experienced a drop in sex drive with drol....but then again i was running it with prop.

  3. winny is a good choice with drol. supposedly it is a very synergistic stack.

50 mg ED of winny and 50 mg ED of drol for 4 weeks would be a nice cycle IMO.


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ALso, as bill Roberts advises, the sides from Drol are much less when combined with a non aromatising steroid (such as winny).
However, when stacked with an aromatising steroid, the sides can become much greater.
Personally though, I have no experience with Drol. Sticking with short cycles, low doses. Havent moved onto something as powerful as Drol.... not yet anyway.



I'm not trying to be a know-it-all here...but Drol isn't a progestin, doesn't stimulate the progesterone receptor, and it can not possibly aromatize....


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Thanks for the info everyone. I'm gonna run 75 mg of Drol a day with 50mg winny i'll knock it down to 50mg if need be. With this ill be using nolva 10mg ed. I'll let you know how it goes i should start it in a couple weeks


75 mg isn't enough to get good results. Many peolpe misconcieve that anadrol is somehow equipotent in a way to dbol. This couldn't be farther from the case. Winstrol is way more potent on a mg/mg basis than anadrol for its intended actions.

Bottom line is this: The clinical use of anadrol for aplastic anemia (it's common use in hospitals) outlines this dosage recomendation for adults and children: 1-5 mg/ kg/ day. Now in all cases bodybuilding doses exceed hospital recomended dosages.

Even at the lowest recomendation, if you weigh anywere near 200 lbs, you are not doing enough.

Anyways half life is 9 hours so, like winstrol you can it in 2 doses per day, once in the morning, and once again approximately 12 hours later. The most optimal would be every 8 hours.


would you recommend double that? 150 mg a day of anadrol with 50mg winny?


i know using your calculations this still isnt enough. but lets estimate that im 90KG that would be 450 mg of anadrol a day. Would that not be an insane amount.


I've used A50 many times for years and never used more than a tab a day, nor have I lifted with anyone who used more than this. Maybe P-22 needs more for his purposes, but really 75mgs daily should more than do the trick. As for stacking, I personally would use it with the anavar. That would give you a class one and two combo, as opposed to a pair of class twos as you would have if going with the Winstrol.


Those of course are just guidlines, however I do believe you need more than just one 50 mg tab per day. I personally like 150mg. My point is you should just be mindfull of this when you take the 75mg per day, and know that it is o.k. to increase the dose if needed.


Alright I'll go by how i feel and the results i see, and yes i am now leaning towards anavar, probably 40-50 mg a day with the anadrol, winny fucked my shoulders and wrists last time, however i did love the results. But with this cycle designed to put on some lbm i think the anavar would be a better choice, help me keep my gains whiole on.


what would anyone think about adding in primobolan so it looked like this?
anadrol 50
winny 50
primo 100
just a thought


Alright just an update for those who are interested. I couldnt bare the thought of not using an injectable as the base to my cycle so i added some test prop.

I'm running

Test Prop 100mg/ml EOD weeks 1-5
Anadrol 150mg ED weeks 1-5
Anavar 40mg ED weeks 2-5

I'm 8 days in and put on 6 pounds and just started the anavar. Most of my gains are surely from the anadrol. The pumps are insane sometimes scary. I made the mistake of taking one of my 50mg doses right before my training session and thought i was going to pass out. My whole upper body was throbbing from a chest/back work out. Other than that the 150mg/day dose isnt that un manageable. I'll keep you all posted


I'm sorry to pull a jack her but I see some fart smellers...I mean smart fellers on this post so I figured I'll ask. It's kinda relavent.

I have constantly heard that anadrol is the nastiest steroid you can use in terms of side effects. However, the more experiance and research I seem to come across I'm wondering if winstrol is worse. Imo I can't stand wintrol and probably won't ever use it again (var, primo, or masteron are just fine). The only thing I realy noticed on drol was that I had difficulty eating and felt like a bloat bag most of the time.


Btw I was under the impression that you couldnt' use clomid, nolva, or an Ai like adex or letro for drol sides.


Alright im on day 13 of the cycle and i just started getting headaches yesterday. They don't feel like a traditional headache, it's more like pressure, and is most likely from my increase in bp. Anyone have experience with something that may help. Asparin to lower bp?


Diuretics such as dandelion root should get the job done.