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Anadrol Question


I'm currently 6 weeks into a 10 week bulk cycle:

Test-Enanthate: 600mg
Tren-Enanthate: 200mg
D-bol: 40mg (First 4 weeks)

I was given some Anadrol tabs from a friend of mine and I was curious if there would be any rhyme or reason to throwing in 50mg ED for the final 2 weeks of the cycle.


Why not ? wouldnt hurt - how are you finding tren e at the lowish dose ? I find It doesnt give the same bang as Acetate and tend to run at 6-700mgs a week where as 400mgs of acetate is golden for me.


should be fine, but make sure that you DEFINITELY keep your estrogen levels in check or else drol will punish you.


could you please elaborate mr. walkway. how will drol punish a person w high estrogen levels? thanks.


I'd also like to know what you've observed with drol+high oestrogen


I've done a lot of research on it, and no one seems to understand the reason why high estrogen and anadrol is a bad combination. There are those who have speculated that anadrol upregulates estrogen receptors, potentially incresing estrogenic side effects (water retention, bloat, gyno etc.)

As a result, it is recommended that adrol be run with very low doses of aromatizing aas


Surely this ain't the most optimal way to do this, but could one maybe use this method to determine estrogen levels:?

Say you run a constant amount of test with say, 700mg drol per week. If you've got high estrogen, 100mg of drol per day would be uncomfortable. Could one just experiment with different AI doses until the 100mg drol/day is comfortable?

Would one be able to assume that'd be a reasonable way to get a ballpark idea of how much of a certain AI is needed with a certain amount of test?

If this is just an absolute shit idea, that can be said, too. haha


Ah, alrighty. I am assuming its only the physical symptoms you've noticed if E is not in check, like extreme bloating as opposed to some enhanced negative psychological effects?