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Anadrol Question


So, Anadrol doesn't aromatize yet taking it often produces side effects associated with elevated estrogen levels. How is this possible if it does not convert directly to estrogen? If it does not aromatize, then would adex, nolva, or proviron be effective at all in combatting sides??


Look up Progesterone. I believe Anadrol causes gyno through progesterone. I also remember reading somewhere that Anadrol itself can aggravate estrogen receptors. I think it was Llewellyn that said that but don't quote me on it.

Winny is said to have anti-prog properties and MANY that run the two together see no problems.

I'd personally run some sort of SERM with drol if one were gyno sensitive.

I've never touched the drug yet tho.



I don't know the exact reason but in practice Anadrol is a friendly drug when no aromatizing steroid is used or not enough is used to drive estrogen levels above normal, but becomes problematic when estrogen levels are driven high by other drugs.


so, which serm would you recommend?


I didn't say that Anadrol works fine with high estrogen if a SERM is taken with it. I do not know that to be the case and tend to think it is not. I would not use Anadrol if using a drug protocol that elevated estrogen.

And if estrogen isn't elevated then Anadrol does not cause problems calling for a SERM.


Well, from everything I've read, HCG is a must during an Anadrol cycle.