Anadrol Pyramid Dosing?

I’ve seen anadrol prescribed with pyramid dosing. Is there any merit to this?

wk1 50mg per day
wk2 100mg per day
wk3 150mg per day
wk4 150mg per day
wk5 100mg per day
wk6 50mg per day

I,ve seen this laid out in other cycles on other boards but have never tried it personally. I have seen it also done for dbol. I too am curious as to what benefits this pyramid may hold verse a typical straight or increasing doseage schedule.

I think it’s pretty worthless. People tried that same thing with injectables as well.

What’s the rationale?

I can understand pyramiding up on things like T3, or clen, as if you don’t ease on and off them, they can fuck you up.

But I don’t think there is such a danger with AAS.

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I just say take the go with the max dose. Who gives a shit.