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Anadrol? Or What


Whats some thoughts on Anadrol pre work out. Any benefit at a low dose 25mg. Just wondering came across some and was wondering what to use them for

Currently 400mg test e
Or on a cruise of 200mg?
Choices hmmm


I’ll tell you from experience with doses:

Anadrol: all the same except more water retention and on 50mg / day you stay full throughout the day in comparison to sdrol you need 20mg to feel the same way all day (my personal experience). Lethargy from 20mg would be comparable to 150mg drol, but 100mg drol still pretty good amount of lethargy. Face/arms/abs bloated noticeably. Put on 10lbs almost instantly in comparison to sdrol which was a 5lb difference immediately once at full dosage.


What else were you running


Also which do you prefer, I was wanting to try sdrol with a cruise dose of just test. To really see what I could get out of it.


I ran 100 mg/day 50 when i woke up 50 before the gym, anadrol with 400 mg test e and got super pumps but the water retention, aggression and liver pain is all worth it for the strength gains and pumps. Pumps were craaaazy and endurance was too.