Anadrol or Dbol?

Hi all,

I have tried many injectables but want to give orals a go.

From my researching and goals ANADROL looks like a better choice than DBOL.

I will just be using the oral as a boost to a simple test only cycle, at around the second week (When i feel TEST-E begin to take affect personally)

I don’t want too much water weight which is why d-bol looks not to be the best choice.

Will be running the oral for 4 weeks (with liver protection)

Opinions on Anadrol and dbol for lean gains? or another oral?

if you think you won’t hold water on drol, you’re 50 shades of cray

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What research have you been reading that has lead you this ass backward conclusion OP?

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sorry, i really mean which will hold more water weight? Im unable to find some rock hard evidence on this

I would use Tbol, if not for it being alot more expensive to run :frowning:

Been finding that both will hold water, but not sure on the extent to this (assuming correct AI use)
By looking on forums, people have mixed reactions to water weight Adrol.

Dbol makes me bigger but Drol makes me stronger

You’ll definitely want an AI with dbol. I even look at it without an AI and I grow breasts.

Something about Drol makes me feel toxic and out of whack on the inside but it definitely works well for almost everyone. Really they both rock

out of curiosity, why are you trying to avoid water weight in the first place?

Not a huge fan of the soft muscle, pissing out litres of water at night look… Just prefer the harder look, plus I’m not looking to bulk up greatly on the next cycle (in terms of weight), just something modest for reasonably clean gains. Think I’ll just go for tbol

Why would either of these steroids make you piss more? That doesn’t make sense. Neither one has that effect. The only way you’ll be pissing all the time is if you’re drinking significantly more than you’re retaining. If anything, the effect should be the opposite of what you’re describing.

Nor is it the case that either will necessarily make you look puffy. I was on dbol when I took my profile picture. For me, Dbol adds a few lbs of water weight in the first week, but it’s not really noticeable aesthetically. Granted, some people get a little puffy, but I think it’s most noticeable in the face rather than across the body. 3 or 4 lbs of water distributed across the body really isn’t much at all.

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