Anadrol, Masteron Cycle for Low DHT?

Hey everyone. Im 6ft 2, 180lb with ~ 13% bodyfat. Have been working out for 5 years with good diet but with minimal growth.
My trt protocol is:
50mg test e E3.5d
300iu hcg E3.5d
Started 5 months ago

Lab results after 8 weeks:
Testosterone, Free testosterone are in high normal range with shbg report to come in after few days…and very few estrogenic symptoms like itchy nipples sometimes. I got dht tested one day before injection and it was low. 320 ng/dl (300-800) even on trt. This might be due to my saw palmetto use year ago. I dont want to use AI because I don’t feel the use of it and it makes my joints hurt

I lost some fat with good diet on trt that I couldn’t before. Mood and everything is alright but not great. The problem is i still have days with low libido and ED. Muscle wise i also didn’t notice much improvement. Cystic acne on upper body after starting trt. I have a little hair growth on my body and face but nothing too much and hair shedding on my head since i have MPB genes.

I started trt by first doing a 12 weeks 500mg/wk test e cycle with very little gains.Then i started my trt protocol.

The problem is my low DHT. I might still have that dht inhibiting effects which people call as post finasteride syndrome but not that severe.

I think adding low dose proviron to my protocol might help but its tough to get real proviron here. So i am considering a cycle based on dht derived steroids like anadrol, masteron to gain lean mass and to check if they are effective unlike the previous test e cycle given that my dht levels are low.

Week 1-12: Test e 500mg/wk
Week 1-4: Anadrol 50mg
Week 8-12: Masteron 50mg/wk

Any help will be appreciated.

I’m going to be honest here. If you didn’t gain much on a 12 week cycle of test at 500mg then something about your programming is off. Either your diet was bad or your training was bad. Or both. But the next logical step is not to look at other drugs first. You need to sort out what went wrong last time before you take the next step.

But to answer your DHT question, yes, masteron would be a perfectly fine addition if you can’t get proviron.

I was on maintenance calories during last cycle. I wanted to lose that stubborn fat which i did a little bit. Gained about 5lb muscle.

Due to past use of dht inhibitors, 5ar are not working properly. Due to which i think my response to test is not that great like others have. This is the reason why i want to give anadrol and masteron a try. And later check if my 5ar respond better to test. This sounds stupid i know. I might add low dose masteron to my trt protocol.
What do you think about the cycle now?
Or would you suggest me to use masteton low dose with trt for now?

Start the low dose mast now. Give yourself some time to gauge whether or not it has any effect. Maybe tinker with the dosage for a while. Because you’re on trt you can experiment a lot and it costs you nothing but time (which although valuable can be made up for with a good protocol). Be cautious with Anadrol. It’s a different animal. Yes it’s a DHT, but it doesn’t behave like one.

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1)Is mast safer than proviron? I can try to get proviron.
2)What dose should i use?
3)Will it increase my dht levels? I mean if i get my dht levels check after 4 weeks, will there be any effect on lab test?

I know this is annoying. Just want my dht levels in high range just like my test levels so there is nothing to worry about for long time use.