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Anadrol: Kickstart vs After Test

Would it be smarter to use adrol after the 500mg test has already kicked in 3rd week? Or start it day 1 of cycle?

Is this your first cycle? If not, how many cycles have you taken? How long have you been “clean”?
Is the 500mg testosterone a weekly dose?
How much Anadrol are you considering, mg/day?
How long is your perspective cycle (weeks)?

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6th cycle
Been off 12 weeks
On 150mg trt weekly
500mg weekly for 12 weeks
Considering 100mg adrol daily
Have taken Anadrol as kickstart 2 times before
Gained 15lbs in 4 weeks on it kickstart
Would it be better to take again as kickstart or when I have more androgenic activity in my system?

All my experience is from the '70’s, '80’s, and '90’s. I have never heard of taking testosterone on an off-cycle. HCG, yes. Clomid, yes. We all got totally off all anabolics and androgenics for at least 4 weeks. You have got to exercise “the boys” too, or you are forever destined to TRT.

Sure, you’re going to get weaker. But it is temporary. Your binding sites need a rest too.

Now to answer your question: I would not recommend a 12 week cycle unless a contest was at the end of the 12 weeks. That is the way I did a contest cycle. My off-season cycles were 8 weeks. I always took two anabolics and one androgenic (testosterone). Unless it was a contest cycle and it could include multiple anabolics, dropping one or two and adding one or two at the 6 week mark.

We always considered Anadrol as the best steroid for muscle gains and the greatest risk for liver damage. If all you have is testosterone and Anadrol, I’d take 400mg of testosterone per week and 100mg of Anadrol per day, and only for 8 weeks. We never considered Anadrol as good contest prep drug.

I’d suggest finding a replacement for Anadrol for your next cycle.

It is called blasting and cruising. I started with Low T (never did a cycle before TRT), got on TRT, and after about a year ran a cycle. There isn’t much point in going completely off for guys like me. For fertility, HCG is useful.

I think basically all the pros blast and cruise (or perma blast).

I would be a bit wary of Anadrol for 8 weeks at 100 mg/day. Perhaps at 40-50 mg/day for that period. I have only ever taken it once, for two days (I think one day at 100 mg and day two at 150 mg) before going for a deadlift PR.

I’ll probably run it for 4 weeks at 50 mg/day with my TRT dose to really see what it can do.


I’ve tried pct but it’s not worth it, I always would lose all the gains I made and it wasn’t for me. I’m fine being on trt, no problem with it. I’m also taking 300mg deca. 100mg adrol for 8 weeks is way too long and liver toxic. I always do 4 weeks. But my question was never answered. Should I do kickstart again or take it when my test Deca already kicked in, also I’m not prepping for contest just trying to get bigger I’m too shredded rn

Have you ever done it at the end? If not maybe just give it a go and see how you like it. If I’m not mistaken you said you have/normally do it on the front end.


I would probably do an oral that doesn’t convert to E2 at the end, if I am doing cycle with a good test dose (I think this is great for breaking a strength or size plateau). If the oral does convert to E2 (or produces high E2 symptoms like Anadrol), I would probably do it in the beginning (for E2 management reasons). Just my $0.02.


Totally makes sense. Also makes me question possibly saving my dbol for the end of my blast… might need to rethink that strategy.

You are running the standard 500 mg/wk, right? What dbol dosage are you thinking?

I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with higher test (600 mg/wk). Don’t get me wrong, I made gains, but not what I expected. I think I may see if I can do a shorter cycle with a stronger anabolic added to TRT doses of test. I am thinking Anadrol or Dbol (as I want a good amount out of the oral). I have a lot of Anadrol on hand (my supplier sent me more than I ordered :)). I am thinking 200 mg/wk test and 50-75 mg of Anadrol a day for 4-6 weeks. We shall see. Kinda an experiment.

I’m thinking no more than 25mg a day. Have you ran it before? Did you do just one dose a little before working out or a morning/afternoon dose?

I’ve never done Dbol. I have done Anadrol:

I don’t necessarily recommend this approach. I think running either Dbol or Anadrol it’s better just to be consistent. I think running it so short term is useful for say a PLing meet. Make weight, and then load up on either of these compounds. You do risk cramps during the meet though.

Dbol from what I have heard is usually run a bit lower than Anadrol. I think generally about half is what is recommended when comparing dosages.

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This is my attempt at an answer, which isn’t really an answer.

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Thank you brother

What orals don’t convert into E2?

Anavar, tbol, winny, halo (I think), proviron.