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Anadrol Kickstart - Pulse?

42 yrs old, starting my 5th cycle soon.

I plan on using Anadrol at 50mg ED for only three weeks to kickstart a basic test cyp cycle at 500mg / week. I’ve done significant research on this compound and understand that it tends to be a “love it or hate it” drug, is the harshest on the body/liver/prostate, and comes with risk of significant sides. I’ve previously used, test, tbol, dbol, with essentially zero side effects other than acne.

My question is related to the practice of “pulsing”. What is the modern consensus on this technique? In my research I’ve heard of some bros taking a “half dose” on rest days, and others taking nothing on rest days. I’ve decided on a 4 day per week workout routine, with rest days of Wed, Sat, and Sun.

Boiled down, I have four options:

  1. Take full dose (50mg) every day and assume risk of sides
  2. Take reduced dose (25mg) every day, less likelihood of sides
  3. Take full dose on workout days (50mg), half dose on rest days (25mg)
  4. Take full dose on workout days (50mg), nothing on rest days

Anyone have experiences with pulse dosing?
Anyone care to share recent Anadrol experiences?

Bump - Anyone?

take 100mg, half morning half night. Or all at once. I dont think it matters much.

Wait, take 100mg along with 500mg EW of testosterone? Would not put me at significant risk for side effects?

For the benefit of those who might reference this post in the future while researching, I will keep it updated with my results.

I decided to go with option #3 Take full dose on workout days (50mg), half dose on rest days (25mg).

First two days I took only 25mg, no side effects except for for maybe slightly poor sleep. Today was day three and a workout day, so I took the full 50mg. Feel great, no sides, great workout, actually noticed slight pumps at the end of my workout.