Anadrol Kick in

I’ve read different things about when its supposed to kick in and rough expectations. It hit yesterday after a week, 50mg of Balkan and its hitting like a mule. I don’t think I need to up the dose to 100mg as suggested. If I start to feel any lost effects perhaps then but I’m only doing it for four weeks in a row to accompany my Test-E and then back onto it for the final 4 weeks of the cycle.

Any comments about past experiences with Anadrol-50?

To me a similar thing is seen with Anadrol as with Dianabol: as a component of a stack or in combination with a sufficient amount of injectables, or oxandrolone, 50 mg/day can be very effective and is really all that’s needed. But if the amount of injectables or oxandrolone is insufficient, then 50 mg/day may seem not too effective.

With Anadrol there’s more tendency to try to compensate, if the other item or items are insufficient, by jacking up Anadrol, to 100-150 or even 300 mg/day. This works better with Anadrol than with Dianabol, but still is nowhere near as effective as combining it suitably, in which case the 50 mg/day is fine. I would divide the dosage though, if you are not already.

If 50mgs is showing great results at least by your standards which it sounds like it is, why up the dose? More is not always better.