Anadrol Gyno/Soreness

When using Anadrol I get sore nipples. It feels like nipping.

However my e2 and prolactin are in range.
Does this cause gyno even with in range hormones?

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Oxymetholone binds and activates E2 receptors (at least this is our best guess of what is happening).

Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) should sort this issue out.

I would try 20mg and see if you feel any nipple itchiness etc.

I was dosing EOD or so tamoxifen and kept the itchiness and nipple sensitivity at bay.

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Honestly the soreness is annoying more than anything, but I could bare it as long as i dont get gyno. Will it cause gyno if e2 and prolactin are kept in range? Or is it just soreness unrelated to gyno?

You will get gyno if your nipples are itchy or sore despite E2 being in range.

The receptor is essentially activated, so it is as if E2 is elevated - a very basic overview.

So block the receptor with Nolvadex and you will be fine.

I would not continue Anadrol until you get Nolvadex.

Got it, thanks.

Imo anadrol can cause gyno without increased e2 but then again - itchyness is not actual gyno. Gyno is when there is growth. When i was on 150mgs a day i felt some tenderness but it never turned into gyno. Then again i am not prone to gyno at all anyways.

Isn’t itchiness the first sign of growth? Not just for gyno, but like overall repair response for tissue causing itching. I thought it was the first sign something was up

Yes it is but it doesn’t mean it will be gyno. Sore throat is also a sign of many serious diseases and infections but a lot of times its just a sore throat and just goes away. You need to watch out but the itchiness can only be itchiness. At least for me on Anadrol, it never was anything more.

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This is very likely 150 anadrol kickstart 1500 test I had to get surgery after to remove gyno. Ime anadrol was horrible for gyno.