Anadrol doses and experience

750 test e
750 EQ
600 tren e
Anadrol 100mg daily

I want to throw adrol in this stack, I’ve been holding off because I try to stay dry. You guys run this stack or anything similar? How’d it go or how’s it going.

Thanks for any feedback.

Why? You are already on enough shit.


I know. Do you have any experience with that?

I got brutal acid reflux on Anadrol. I only took it for a few days before I gave up. I could probably run it if I was using omeprazole or a different proton-pump inhibitor.


This is not a cycle that screams “hey I also need Anadrol to meet my goals” which, by the way, you never mention what your goals are. Or your current gym/lifting protocol, or anything really. Just about 2g of gear lol.

That being said, Anadrol was my favorite, pre-workout, 50mg daily. Never saw the need to go higher.

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Some background:
Before the federal government cracked down on doctors prescribing AAS, I knew a doctor that started newbies on 50mg twice a day of Anadrol-50 (Syntex) for, I believe, 6 week cycles.

It was the belief in my circle of AAS users that Anadrol was highly liver toxic. Because of our belief the times I took Anadrol was limited to a three week duration.

Because we believed that Anadrol was a “wet” AAS, I was off of all “wet” AAS at least 6 weeks out from a contest (after 1976. Up to that time I took Dianabol-only for all bulking and contests). I only did a few Anadrol cycles (three weeks) and all were early in the total AAS cycle.

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Thanks :pray:t2:

I’ve always had good results when I throw an oral in the mess. Thanks for the input :pray:t2:

I have never run a cycle without an oral AAS.

That said, I never ran near the quantity of AAS that you are running.

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What is your oral of choice?

For a contest:
First choice: Winstrol (I felt my muscles were a little fuller.)
Second choice: Anavar

Adding muscle:
First choice: Dianabol
Second choice: Short run of Anadrol

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Thanks for the input :pray:t2::call_me_hand:t3: