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Anadrol 50

I also have questions about A50 I’ve been on it for a week and now getting bad headaches. I’m sure it’s from the increased blood pressure. Does anyone know through personal experience how to counteract and control Blood pressure and headaches when using A50. I want to continue using the A50 but If I can’t get some good advise I will have to discontinue. I am only taking one tab a day(50mg). I am also taking 400mg of cypionate a week.

U should def read Paul Borrenson’s interview on where else but T-Nation. I recall Borrenson say Winstrol is MUCH more effective and has some interesting reasons why he thinks that. Did Borrenson ever write a book. He seems like he knows what F he’s talking about more than L. Rea does.

ckeck out my thread i posted some stuff

[quote]T1gNaL1 wrote:
ckeck out my thread i posted some stuff[/quote]

The headaches are quite common…I got them off 112.5mg/d while being stacked with test…When I ran it at 75mg/d along w/ 50mg/d of winstrol I was fine…I personally feel dbol is far superior to anadrol, and will probably never run it again…For me, 30mg dbol “feels” like 75-100mg of anadrol.


I’m with Katz. It’s real unlikely I’ll every PAY for drol again,whether I actually use it??? LOL

It is common and my advice which may or may not work would be to go to the Vitaminn shoppe (because of their return policy) and get some twinlabb blood pressure control (it’s like $12 bucks so IMO get 2). It has a celery ceed extract in it and helped me to an extent. BTW just a common sense statement but don’t stay on it for to long bro IMO more then 4-6 week is TO LONG and I lean more towards 4.

BTW I’m going to once again stand by my statement that winny is a shitty drug. Person after person I talk to mentions either getting injured while on it or shortly after comming off of it.

Test I’m not going to spit on a man’s grave here but I’m going to have to question your praise of Borressen (sp?). In terms of what will make me a freak? Yeah he was on the ball. In terms of what might shave a solid 30 years off my life? I think he was swining at that one to. No?