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I just bought some Anadrol-50 off some dude they are white circle tabs with a x or cross through the tablet . How do I know if there real they came with a piece of paper that say’s oxymetholone and then all the other writing is in chinese or japanese can somebody tell me if they are the real deal. thanks Cranker

Either go to Amazon and get a Steroid Handbook. or surf around some of the more hardcore bb sights. Some of them have drug profiles along with pictures and counterfits. Hope this helps.I don’t use Anadrol so I can’t help

they should have a peppery taste if they taste sweet or have no taste there fakes

Don t all tabs have somekind of logo on them for identification? All legitimate orals I ve seen had something on them…a letter for example…these signs are needed so that the tabs can be recognised by hospital personel.They are not distributed directly from the boxes there…Proviron has a hexagon with two letters in it. I think it s AX or something. Anadrol (anapolon 50 from england) had syntex written on the tabs…I m not sure if they make them anymore. Anyway, if a tab doesn t have anything on it that makes it recognisable…it s fake.