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Anadrol 50

30 yrs old. 3 cycles under belt (test, nandralone, tren, winny, masteron, var used in different cycles). Squat= 455lbs for reps, dead 475 1rm, bench 335x3. Ht 5’11, wgt 230, bf around 17% (i know its higher than optimal)

Been clean for over 2 yrs, curious what peoples opinions are on low-dosage use of Anadrol. Would potentially use 25mgs a day of anadrol, 300mgs a week of test, and around 500mgs a week of masteron. Keeping usual ancillaries on-hand just in case of issues… Nolva for pct.

My main question is what are peoples opinions of Anadrol? I am really interested in experimenting with it; seeing as how I have NEVER used it. Do you think a dose of 25mgs a day would give a significant boost to strength and muscle volume? Or would a ‘full’ dose of 50mgs a day be needed to see it?

My concerns with it are all the things associated with oxymetholone: high blood pressure, water retention, liver toxicity, acne.

I wonder if the lower dosage will yield decent benefits with minimal-to-no sides. I am also planning on using GHRP-6 and CJC w/o DAC in the cycle. Cycle length would be 10-12 weeks, with the anadrol being used at either the beginning or after the first 2-3 weeks. I would also frontload the test and masteron. Duration of anadrol usage would be 4 weeks or more; this is dependant on its effects both good and bad.

I hear Drol is notorious for making people feel like shit… Apologies for how scattered this post is.

Have you ever used dianabol? Just assuming you have and forgot to place it in your list of what uve tried. I’ve only used dianabol when it comes to orals, 50mg per day. What alot of ppl say is basically anadrol kicks dianabols ass, or is a more advanced/stronger drug.

In the case that you havent used dianabol id say give that a go at 50mgs first just because its more managable/less sides and will give you an idea of what anadrol might be like. I can’t relate though because i have never used anadrol im actually in the process of creating a winter cycle that includes it though :slight_smile: gunna be sweeett!

Yes; I have used Dbol. A pleasant androgen that is fairly ubiquitous in my opinion…

id say go for it then. just have a serm ready

If memory serves me right a SERM may not be the first line of defense for Anadrol-induced-female-sex-hormone-side effects?? I guess I could just read what is on the internet or see if some other board members will chime in with anecdotal evidence… Or is a SERM the best line of defense? I feel like I read somewhere long ago Anadrol attenuates/binds to progesterone receptors in the breast…

What are some of the lowest and highest dosages people have used of anadrol?

Nobody is going to give some input?

regular dose is around 50mg ed, if your going to go high ive herd of a buddy going up to 150 mg ed but that seems crazy to me.

i personally didnt see anything till 100mg, and went to 150mg with worst side being loss of appetite, and joints hurting from the amount of strength i gained in such a short period another side :smiley: