Anadrol 50 mg / Dbol 10mg / Deca 300 / Sustanon 450 / Sustanon 250

Hi Everyone!

I want to start with a good cycle:

The gear I have is : Anadrol 50mg
Dianabol 10mg
Deca 300
Sust 450
Sust 250

PCT : Clomid

Im 22 - 205cm tall - 100Kg - Training on and off for 5 years

This will be my 2nd cycle.

I was thinking of doing : Anadrol - 100Mg/Ed
Dianabol - 20Mg/Ed
Deca 300/EOD
Sustanon 250/EOD

Injected sust 250/eod and took anadrol 50mg/ed for the first week.

Any help will be much appreciated

Ill set aside the unnecessary gear.


Though I am not assisted, I know a bit about gear, but certainly not as much as a seasoned user. Dan Duchaine, Mr. Steroid himself, said that all a noob steroid user needs in the beginning is 600 mg of T per week. You seem to be using quite a bit com By out of the gate?

I do not look upon roid use negatively at all if used responsibly for a professional or personal aim, but out of curiosity, what are you gunning for? Going pro? Just winning some shows? Just looking jacked? You of course do not have to answer but your noob stack might raise some eyebrows. Some if my acquaintances and friends have done fine the first time around with much less.

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Hi BrickHead,

Thank you for the reply.

I have so much gear on hand :sweat_smile: I know that it will be much better with less gear. The reason for using is to gain some weight and looking jacked.

You’re welcome.

However, and I only offer my opinion with some tough love: YOU (not me or anyone here) and those who care about you or live with you need a better answer than “to gain some weight and look jacked” for using such powerful drugs in such large amounts that carry risk–in some cases, hefty risk.

If your answer was that you have great genes and/or talent and have some evidence that there is a high chance that you can make it to the IFBB pro or elite athletic ranks or were going to be highly paid from playing the roles of freaks in movies and you work full time with health insurance benefits (to clean up your own mess and not rely on anyone else if one were to occur), then I’d understand. But just to be big for the sake of it, I can’t see tampering with one’s health to such a degree as are you.

But to each his own. Just remember: you play, you pay.

Anyway, in the case you will continue to juice, wouldn’t it make sense to make gains on modest amounts and only graduate to larger amounts when the smaller amounts no longer yield gains? That’s what the smarter guys I know did. You also might feel better.

Again, I’m no expert nor do I have the experience with gear. So I guess you can do as you please.

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I know these are dangerous… Ill definitely look in to this. I am following a strict diet as well.

I was thinking of doing some psychical sports by the end of next year.

I am quite a tall guy :smiley: so basketball will be a good go, I can shoot hoops like mad …

Unfortunately my country is not very familiar with the sport.

Your opinion counts

Rather stick with something small and then go stronger the less effective it becomes .

Thanks BrickHead.

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Dont do anadrol and dbol together. Either or.