Anadrol 50 Injections

I need some professional advice on Anadrol 50 injections! I recently brewed 50 Mills, at 50 mg per mill, in grapeseed oil . I have been peening One mill every other day. I feel good, and starting to see some results already! In the past, I have brewed Diana Boll in grapeseed oil, and penned Diana Ball 2 to 3 times per week. It worked OK, but I felt like I could’ve done better with it! Maybe I should’ve done it every other day ? I have never used Anadrol before, and I heard her some potent shit! I need some professional criticism on if I should do more or not! Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated!

Assuming that your dosing is accurate and the raw powder is good quality, then 50mg daily shot is probably the best route to go. This not considered a high dose (if you have done cycles prior to this and have some experience with juice). If you want to test it out first then start with 1/2 cc per day (25mg). Point being, you want it as stable and consistent in your blood as possible and daily shots are the best for this…the least “up and down” in the blood the better.
Make sure you are taking liver support.
Any other questions feel free to post in my forum and I’ll try to give some direction.

Thank you bro. I really appreciate you getting back to me! I was starting to wonder if anybody was going to read it or not, beings that I’m new. I am not new to juice, but I am sure I will have more questions in the future. thank you again.

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Liver toxicity. Between my test E injections, and my Anadrol injections, what would be the best liver cleanse to do? Can someone point me in the right direction!

No problem. If you have more questions in the future you can post to Shadow Pro if you want to be sure I see it.

I recommend NAC (anywhere from 600-1000 per day), Tudca (around the same), and milk thistle (the recommended dose on the box). You could take these year round to support the liver (it helps protect) but at least during your cycle and 6-8 weeks after.

Injecting, Anadrol 50 once a day, along with 250 mg of testosterone cypionate once a week. Also, injecting 100 mg of trenbolone acetate. Is it safe To throw and 40 mg of Diana ball every day, or am I asking for trouble with side effects?

I’m no pro, but your cycle seems ok. I really don’t think you need Dbol AND Anadrol together.
Again, buddy, I’m no pro.

I also think you should inject your tren EOD at least. Acetate is a very short acting ester. If you could get your hands on tren enanthate, that’s a different story. Most UGL’s have it, and believe it or not, there are reputable UGL’s. Message me for more info. I’m not a dealer or anything, but I could point you to the right direction online.

I appreciate your reply, and info. I think you’re right about the trend. My Anadrol is brewed in oil, and I believe it’s dissipating a lot slower than it would orally! I am getting that Fatigued overmedicated feeling! I’m thinking of injecting Anadrol and trend every other day, or at least three times a week! I think for now, I will keep my test cypionate at 250 mg week. Any direction you can steer me in I will be very grateful for! I have purchased a lot of bogus stuff from China! Some Of what I brewed I have been getting more side effects than results!! Again thank you.

Well, bogus stuff I can’t tell you about because I’ve never gotten bunk stuff. I’ve always thoroughly researched my sources and placed small test orders to check on how they treat their customers. One thing I haven’t tried is Anadrol, so I can’t tell you anything that either. Also, the fact that you’re brewing your own I don’t think is that smart. Some successful UGLs really make it look classy. I can tell the difference too because when I first took juice I had really crappy stuff. Brovel, Tornel, Ttokkyo Labs, etc, etc. That shit was not clean or dosed correctly. And one more thing. Do you have PCT ready? Something to take in case you start growing tits?

You’re trying to do too much. Period. The base of your cycle (test) is not even being pinned correctly. You need to pin every 3.5 days, not once a week.
The Anadrol, Dbol and Tren are all short esters and should be used EOD minimum.
What’s your stats? Age, height, weight, cycle and training experience?

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I have to agree l, running abombs and dbol is not a great idea, unless you are an elite level powerlifter. Also tren ace should be pinned Ed or EOD, preferable Ed. For stable blood levels. Sides come from the lows of drugs. Also the lows are comparable to coming off a high. Shit complete shit.

Lately all I’ve taken is hCG. Need to get some Clomid. I know it’s risky brewing my own, I have been lucky with some of the stuff, but definitely weaker than professionally done. I need to find a place that produces quality gear, at a decent price. The gear that are used to buyIf you years ago was from Pfizer, and Ruggio labs it was quality stuff and priced fairly. Can you point me in the direction of some good links?