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Anadrol 50 for 4 Weeks, Switch to Anavar?


I’ve been running anadrol 50 for about 4 weeks now with test e 500, I wanted to know if I could switch over to var, if so how long should I wait till I do? Thanks guys


Why would you have to wait? If you know this little about roids do you think you should be doing them?


Because orals are usually toxic to your liver. Var is non methylated though so it is very minimally so. I’d say about what injectable are, go right ahead.

Only thing is cost prohibitive. Var is expensive.


I’m also running test e 500 a week, with armiadex, so I should be fine changing over to var the next day I stop the drol? Thanks man


Yup :wink: . Why does everyone on this forum use so much adex?

I wouldn’t use it at 500 test with var unless you feel you are highly susceptible to elevated e2 symptoms or have pre-existing gyno.


Lol thanks again! I do notice though while on drol it kept my bloat down and my bp down a bit, which is a plus!


I have known a few to use drol and winny, or var or even tbol in combos to keep bloat down and seems to work like a charm