Anadrol 50 at 18 & Finasteride at 22

Hi everyone. When I turned 18 I signed a pro soccer contract. Being very small and abused in a men’s game I made the worst Decision of my life getting on anadrol 50 oral steroids for 4 weeks with my teammates. I did no research and was in a foreign country and was completely dumb. About a year after using the anadrol I have fallen on constant injuries, have had to get 5 surgeries and feel horrible always. Recently at 22 I decided to take finasteride because I saw hair loss. I quit because of side effects but 2 months later the side effects persist.

Now I’m starting to wonder how much I have damaged my brain and body from these two drugs, I can’t think, my head constantly hurts, I used to be able to read books extremely fast now I struggle to read sentences. I have no idea what to do, what kind of doctor to see since I can’t find steroid doctors and am completely lost. I’m scared for my life. Please, someone help. Please

If it’s ok post what country you’re in.

Yes I’m in America, if anyone knows any good doctors in California San Diego area let me know please

I know of an excellent doctor in CA. He is a Naturopath that is also a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist as well. He is in Sherman Oaks, CA. I also got messed up by drugs and other issues. Let me tell you, nothing helped. TRT, thyroid, GH etc. made things worse. I understand your suffering. Please do not take any drugs or hormones. Your adrenal function has taken a massive hit. I went to see him as my last hope as I was going to end my life. He saved my life by making me a special Chinese medicine herbal formula in his office. I took it thinking it was not going to do anything, but within 2 days I felt miraculously improved. I still take herbs to this day, everyday and very grateful.
Would you be willing to see this doctor?

I highly doubt that 30 days of anadrol 4 years ago has anything to do with any of your issues


Did he tell you what was in it?

Yeah that really doesn’t Add up. This seems to be something psychological/placebo and using the drug use as justifying the psychological problem. I’ve never heard of anything like this especially from 4 weeks of anadrol

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I mean it could also be the finasteride, I just think I’m severely fucked up from these drugs since I was so young and don’t know what to do

But I took it at 18 with no PCT. doesn’t taking roids this young cause permanent brain damage?

I definitely would. Can you send me the name and info?

Not 30 days of oxymetholone

Of course.

What was in it?



Did you send it?

Sorry, forgot to come back to this thread. Here is the info.
His name is Dr. Jeremy Fischer.
All 5 Star Reviews. He listens very carefully to everything you tell him. He is not like most doctors. He really cares about the best way to get your health back.

His office is called Vitality Integrative Medicine.
4849 Van Nuys Blvd #104, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Phone: (424) 278-4325

Hi everyone, I took stupid fucking finadteride for 3 months and quit due to side effects. The only issue is it has been 3 months and I have not gotten any better. My brain fog is the worst part. I literally can’t think and have a constant pressure, headache, and fog in my head. I feel disabled and have no idea what to see. I’m in San Diego America and if anyone has any recommendations of doctors or what to do pleas e

Hi everyone. I’ve made 2 post about anadrol use and finasteride, one of the biggest problems I’m struggling with and have been the past 4 years is body pain everywhere. After playing pro soccer for 1 year I went on a downhill trend after anadrol. A year after taking it I had to get multiple surgeries, hip, groin ankle, and groin again and just been told I need another hip. Since taking it slow the past 3 years I’ve now developed shoulder pain in both shoulders where I can’t even sit and play my guitar without having to lift my arms straight up until my shoulders pop then I feel good for about 5 minutes to play. I don’t understand why my body is deteriorating at 22. I’ve seen my primary care and They said my regular blood work looks normal, I’m sick of this and can’t live like this. I don’t want double shoulder surgery when all I’m trying to do is play the fucking guitar

Firstly, don’t create new threads relating to the same topic… people keep doing this, and it’s annoying

Secondly, are the majority of you’re surgeries the result of injuries relating to sport? If so, then you know why you’re body “deteriorated” rapidly. Statistically, most professional athletes retire in their 20s due to injury.

Have you had imaging/scans (ultrasound, MRI etc) taken of the shoulders… Have you seen a physical therapist

Is the pain joint related or does it feel almost like a burning sensation covering you’re skin… I don’t know how to adequately describe it… Could be structural/injury/surgery related, autoimmune related or something like fibromyalgia

What bloods did you get though… hormonal checkup or comprehensive checkup to rule out autoimmune conditions/diseases.

You’re on a forum asking others for medical advice that we simply can’t give you… you’re not going to receive a diagnosis through the internet. I sympathise with you’re struggles/frustration and send my condolences

My soccer related injuries I understand it’s the shoulder ones that I don’t when I haven’t been doing shit the past 3 years. My shoulder pain is like a constant aching but then when it gets really bad if I lift it up and it pops. It constantly will pop throughout the day. I have gotten extensive blood work including all of these Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Am I missing anything? I don’t even know what kind of doctor to see for autommmunue or what you’re mentioning. Would you say endocrinologist?