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You recently stated that Anaconda would be released soon, very soon. Any new guess-timations on how soon?


So, the ultimate legal stack: 11-T, Receptormax, Anaconda.


yup lol :wink:


I'm just interested to hear more details about it and how it will compare effects wise to MAG-10 or 11-T


I've heard this supp mentioned before but know nothing about it.


come on TC you know u want to come into this thread and give us hints =]


I bet Anaconda is a transdermal.


I hope it tastes like candy.


Didn't that project die awhile back? Seems like it did.




I'm going to need:
A few bottles of MAG-10 (not that I would have any. It's illegal. Srscat.)
The old TRIBEX in the white bottle
27 wenches of training for my post workout recovery


In time for a big christmas/boxing day sale I hope.


Any updates? No? Ok.


Anaconda and LiveSpill will debut at the same time.


Yep, he refers to it in one of his threads as a low carb post work out drink.


OK, total stab in the dark here, but...

Considering we've heard there will be some new things coming from T-Nation on conditioning and we've seen clues that Anaconda is a recovery (pre-contest?) supplement is Anaconda really an acronym for:

ANA-bolic COND-itioning A-gent

It's fun to guess, ain't it?


I hope Anaconda will ship to europe...11-T is only available in US....darn...


you gotta change that avatar. I was on here Friday night, and just now looked at the date and see that it's Sunday.


My 3 11-T bottles say that that is not entirely true and my 2 Alpha Male bottles say that over-achieving Fed-Ex contractors cannot stop me from importing sweet, sweet Forskolin.



That's nice to hear!