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Anaconda Update


Any updates for us on Anaconda???


What is the supplement supposed to do is it a test booster, weight loss product, etc etc ? Are you specifically looking for something to help with your training or do you just like buying supplements ?


It is supposed to be Biotest new mass builder that rivals gains seen with MAG-10. TC hinted about it in late January I beleive.


Given that this is like the 9th thread about and Anaconda Update and niether TC or Tim Patterson has responded on any of them... I say we just wait it out and see what happens. They are probably busy making new flavors of ,and eating, Metabolic Drive Bars.

Personally, I am more interested in the 90 person HOT-ROX study I heard about a while back. Any results from that test yet?


I have asked about Anaconda a few times and got no response...they will get to it when they get to it I guess. I like the new Alpha Male formula though, looking forward to testing it out.


My guess is it would have to be soon. Seems like Biotest has done this alot. Revise or boost an older product, and then drop the new one shortly after. I'm actually thinking about trying the new Alpha Male now for pct however.



I think they're just gonna surprise us with this one. They have so many great new supplements in the works, it might be awhile. Or it might show up tomorrow.


My guess is still -

AveNA sativa = ANAconda

What do you think?


This may be a dumb question. But I wonder if Anaconda is something that can/should be stacked with the new Alpha Male?


Not a chance in hell. They already had that ingredient in the old TRIBEX. This new supplement is suppose to rival the effects of pro-hormones, not just T-boosters.




Any chance that the new formula for Alpha Male was supposed to be the long awaited Anaconda, but they decided to keep the Alpha Male name since it's so similar?


I really doubt it.

They also said that they were working on the next generation of T-Boosters, and I bet TRIBEX Gold and Alpha Male is what they were talking about.

The new MD6 will come out in the next couple weeks I bet.

The also said they were doing things with carbohydrates that nobody has even dreamed of yet... That is interesting


If it is anything like MAG-10, the sequence of events will be, sadly, predictable:

1)Lots of excitement as people realize that, OMG, this shit actually works.
2) Other supp cos knock it off, or try to smear it.
3) Some idiot injects it into his eye and dies, or pro atheletes start using it
4) The ensuing attention gets A and all similar supps banned.

So, if it is another MAG-10, I will buy an ass-load and freeze it. I still regret not doing this with MAG-10 Legacy.


Somebody injected MAG-10 into their eye? Wow, that's a really novel application method. I would guess it didn't work.


it worked alright, but there were a couple of unwanted side-effects


Wait, injecting MAG-10 into my eye won't increase the absorbtion rate, thus improving my gains?!? Then what the hell am I walking around with this eye patch for?


I don't want to brag, but I developed this supplement. We've managed to extract serpent lipids and put them into liquid form, which drastically enhances absorption.

Okay, I'm kidding (and just as curious as the next guy).


Hey Dave, what's up with your Anabolic Index?


Every time I see this thread kicking around I get my hopes up momentarily...