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ANACONDA - Temporary Price Reduction


What, can it be? Do my eyes deceive me?

It looks like all of us who have held back have something to think about this weekend.


Damn it, the offer was just too good to pass up. Just placed my order.


The offer is pretty nice

But.. im wondering why its there.. lol...

Changing the formula?... Changing the tub size?...

Its a conspiracy ahhhh


I can see what you're getting at, I'm going to say it has something to do with a new packaging style. I'm going to have to hold out and order late next week sometime so my order doesn't sit around when I'm not here.


Honestly, saving $20 per tub is enough to distract me from the reason behind the price drop. I mean, it's not like the current product is suddenly going to become less effective just because they decided to change something.


Guys, I don't think there's any need to worry about changes. Looks like it's a sale. I mean, it has an end date listed.

Sweet deal, nonetheless.


WTF am I gonna do with a billion Nalware bottles though?


The formula hasn't changed.

This is just a temporary sale price to give more people the opportunity to try Anaconda. Of course, there's nothing to stop people who are already using Anaconda from stocking up.


Biotest is simply trying to get people to try it at a reduced cost (to lower the price barrier), then they figure you will like it and keep on purchasing.


Mod Brian,

do you expect similar sales like this of other products in the coming weeks, months, years? We can only stockpile so much Anaconda... Maybe a product sale of the month or something?


fuck! I need to know about this shit! I'm placing a 200$ order (cheap ass compared to the rest of you supp whores).

eh since I'm here....heh heh..


give me a hand.


I still dont fully understand how or why ANACONDA works but every other claims TMUSCLE has made about their other products I have they have met and even exceeded. So if the site says it will work then I'll believe it.

More likely than not If I take it I'd be one of the smallest guys taking it. I think I train seriously enough to warrant using it though.


Of course this happened less than a week after I grew too curious and splurged on some full price Anaconda. And you guys also ran the big buy 3 get 2 free protein sale less than a week after a bought Metabolic Drive for the first time too!

I'm fed up... I'm booking a flight to Cali so I can pilfer TC's supplement stash :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously? What kinda question is that...

Build a fort.


I'm willing to trade 1.5 tubs of Anaconda for some Metabolic Drive. I was upset over the price increase but understand we were spoiled getting it for such a good deal over the last few months.

This sounds like another good deal. Get it while you can, I know I wish I would've before Metabolic Drive went OOS.


Was there any mention of using Anaconda pre/peri without a post workout shake in the past? I'm thinking at one point it was said that it wasn't as necessary when pre/peri was taken care of this way. I'm thinking the 4 tubs with 2 scoops a workout could last for quite some time if that is the case, but if I'm still having to supplement post workout too it might be hard to justify.


I've been using Surge Workout Fuel for some time and never would get Anaconda cause it was way to expensive! Anyways, with this deal it brought it down to the equivalent of buying 4 Surge Workout Fuels. I'm hoping to see better results that using Surge Workout Fuel...


I simply couldn't pass up this deal, so I just ordered 8 bottles of ANACONDA. Life is good!


I ordered 4 tubs and had my first workout with it yesterday. A leg session, set PRs on every exercise. I forgot I was even drinking ANACONDA until I was almost done, so it definitely wasn't a "placebo" effect. Funny thing is, I went in wanting to leave, not feeling it at all.

I'm very tempted to order anther 4 tubs already :slight_smile:

EDIT: just placed the order!