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Anaconda, Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10

I have just received Anaconda, MAG-10 and Surge Workout Fuel. Do I need to mix Anaconda and MAG-10 together and drink during my workouts or can I consume just the Anaconda and save the MAG-10 for post workout or other times throughout the day.

I bought the Surge Workout Fuel to give it a try. My thought is to use the Anaconda while lifting and the swf for HIIT, cycling, running etc. Would that be a wise decision or should I mix the swf with the Anaconda? My goal is to gain lean muscle mass.

If these are the new formulas – mostly likely so if you just ordered them – then simply follow the label on the Anaconda bottle for lifting sessions. No need to mix MAG-10 into it, but you can pulse with a serving or two of MAG-10 post-training. See label for details.

And yes, your plan for Surge Workout Fuel sounds good. For shorter, non-lifting sessions, like a quick conditioning session, you can also use MAG-10.

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