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Anaconda Sighting



Ted Tolston, who posts his training log over at EliteFTS.com, posted this picture earlier today. It looks like the container on the left is Anaconda and the left looks to be a curcumin supplement (anti-inflammatory antioxidant). Interesting that he'd have the Anaconda next to his pre-bed snack; that seems to support the suggestion that it is based in PeptoPro or something similar. Anyone care to speculate?

They need to just release it already, along with whatever other good stuff they are obviously cooking up.


Let the pros go to work!

Photoshop pros, zoom into the label on Anaconda and the new supp Curcumin.


Image is not nearly big enough to zoom in on. I tried in photoshop but just got a bigger, blurrier image. Maybe it was because i wasn't saying 'Enhance' every time i hit the zoom in button.


Oh damn, Biotest now has their own brand of Curcumin?!



On the left
line 1: Anaconda, line 2: Casein hydrolysate ?, line 3:amino acid profile, line 4: xx,xxx mg
it goes on to list the amino acids profile
On the right
all I can make out for sure is :supplement facts
At the top it looks like a c-word. Citrulline maybe?
the next two down the list look like "xxxline" words. BCAA's maybe? Valine? Leucine? Isoleucine?
The next down after the line is almost certainly vitamin C(ascorbic acid).
Everything else beyond that except for what looks like Magnesium is too unclear to get anything out of it yet.

The curcumin supplement:
I see "pain reliever". below that i see :also good for ??
I also see "anti-inflammatory" or maybe

At this point I'm pretty confident in saying that Anaconda is a low-carb SURGE with several insulin secretagogues(probably BCAA) and vitamin c in significantly large amounts.



I don't have a CSI certificate.


something anti-inflammatory
something pain something something
aids something something


I don't give a shit about Anaconda, but bring on that Curcumin supp!


At least this weird marketing campaign confirms that Biotest tests its products before selling them. Unlike all the cheaper brands I've tried that make me wonder if it's possible to die of flatulence.


i'd like to see some MAG-10 sightings. (at stores)


we are truly Biotest whores..........


For some strange reason, I no longer get that excited feeling when presented with new Biotest supps that I can't buy.


you ain't kidding. I'll be down to 2 Legacy bottles after tomorrow :frowning:


Job well done.


This curcumin is what people were confusing with Receptormax on the previous sighting of Anaconda!??


Anaconda is never going to be able to live up to all this hype lol


Curcumin is a general compound has been around. The wiki entry was made in '06:

You guys need to get out more.

Anaconda is indeed what I thought it would be. I've been taking something similar for a couple of months. Anaconda should be REALLY good stuff. Be interesting to see see what the price is.


I'm staring to think these photos are a plant.


$33-39/bottle I'd guess


It's not going to rival the gains of MAG-10, That's for sure.