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Anaconda Release?


When is Anaconda coming out??


What exactly is Anaconda?


It's a big-ass snake. Most species are mainly nocturnal so they come out at night to hunt, although they can be spied in trees sunning themselves during the day.

But that's probably not the answer you were looking for.

It's an upcoming Biotest supplement. They're being very secretive about it.


Anaconda is going to be a muscle-building compound with "similar effects to MAG-10"


They are being very secretive indeed - lets make this the official Anaconda Pre-Release Nag Thread.



...alternately, we can make UP details to the point where TC or Tim or Cy jump in to correct us out of sheer frustration!

Remember when Cy started the thread asking us if we'd be interested in a certain compound that would increase LBM and make body comp changes, etc.? It ran for ages while he teased us and stomped on our guesses. The punchline was Carbolin 19.

Let's start guessing.

Okay, it can't be a pro-hormone. It's got to be a legal substance. Now, is it possible that Biotest has found a brand-new substance with "similar effects to MAG-10"? That would be amazing, especially since it cannot be a pro-hormone. So what COULD it be?

Well, the real kicker would be a pro-pro-hormone or pre-pro-hormone, something that such a basic chemical that it is 1) so far away from being a prohormone that it is not governed by the 1/20/2005 ban, and 2) is used by the body to make an anabolic compound. (Let's add the phrase "under the right conditions" so I don't seem to be praying for a miracle.)

I have no idea whether this is feasible.

Perhaps, instead, they are creating an "Alpha Male": taking familiar substances with known effects and combining them in kickass ways. Alpha Male is, after all, TWO T-boosters that use different mechanisms (original TRIBEX & RED KAT) with an estrogen blocker (original M), in higher strengths than the originals.

What if they combined the active ingredients in Alpha Male (say, use the tribulus and vitex agnus) and Carbolin 19. They've probably got more feedback/data now on how people react to these products, especially as stacks, so say they increased the dosage to a level they knew most/many lifters can handle.

Say they marketed it along with a specific lifting plan; how many people tried MAG-10 WITHOUT using the original "MAG-10 Plan for Success" (was that its name?). Adhering to a strict workout regimen & diet & dosage of this "stack" could produce noticeable gains in a relatively short time.

But to be honest, I'd be really blown away if they found something that was new and as effective as TC is predicting. That would be fantastic.


Good idea! We can annoy them into responding.

Another loophole maybe? That would be cool but it wouldn't last very long.

The combination of Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 is a good one - but that would essentially replace the 2 so I doubt it.
Though I personally have been Carbolin 19 for 1? months and the results are incredible. I lost 5lbs this past week and also took a week off from lifting. I started again yesterday and haven't lost any strength.

If it does turn out to be that good I'll open a Biotest branch in SA and become a rep for them.


It's just amazing to me that something could not be a prohormone and yet be as effective as MAG-10. I need to know if it's true. It needs to come out. To satisfy my sheer damn curiosity if for no other reason! And I'm really curious about what it's properties will be like. Like if it will allow very low calorie dieting without worrying about muscle loss. What kind of effect it will have on hormone profiles. etc...


Well I deploy in May. It needs to come out before then. That's my only requirement.


Therein lies the mystery. Either TC was leaning towards hyperbole, or they really have found a breakthrough. I'll attest to Alpha Male's ability to boost T; people swear by Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7. Clearly there are substances that are NOT pro-hormones that have a profound effect on a body (add: a body that is healthy and is being primed for that effect, through exercise and nutrition--we can't stress this enough!).

I believe Biotest can blow us all away with something totally unexpected.

Anyone else want to offer a theory?


(Banging tin, water cup against bars) You dirty screws! You dirty, rotten screws! Where is it?


Sure, if anyone can do it, I believe Biotest can. I just can't imagine by what mechanism. I'm sure whatever it is won't be more suppressive than MAG-10 and won't require anything other than Alpha Male, post-use. Which will be nice.


Might be like the REALLY old Met-RX protien that came in two seperate containers that had to be taken together for the required effect, i.e. one pill a pre-pro-hormone the other converts it for the bodys use?


Wouldn't that still make it illegal?


How did you guess?

Damn it, next year, we hide the Christmas presents in the car.


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There must be more guys with opinions on what this could be...


A Knife and fork with instructions on how to use both.


I guess something from a horse. Horses are big, therefore eating a horse flavored/horse fortified pill of some sort should make you pretty big.