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Anaconda Protocol w/ 6wk Superhero


I just finished my first week with the 6week superhero workout. By far the most I've sweated working with weights. I am in college right now, so money is tight, I cant afford the Anaconda protocol suggested with the workout. If I had to choose between Surge, MAG-10 and Anaconda, which is the best choice for the workout? Thanks.


I would go with Anaconda since it contains the Leucine enriched Casein Hydrosylate (MAG-10) as well as Beta-alanine and Creatine. To get a similar effect to Surge Workout fuel, mix the Anaconda with either Gatorade or Powerade to get the carbs and electrolytes that help maintain an anabolic environment during your workout.


Also, it depends on your goal. If you have trouble putting on mass then I'd invest in Surge Workout Fuel and use 2 servings (4 scoops per workout)


Sounds like a plan, ill start with that. thanks for the reply