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ANACONDA Protocol to Move Up a Weight Class?


Or, in my case, ANACONDA 2 to stay within a class but be bigger and stronger?

I'm kind of in no man's land (or maybe Rich Franklin's land) between 185 and 205, I'm a little undersized for 205 but feel a little too dried out and wispy at 185. I'm about 205-210 now (my last fight was a 195 catchweight), I'd like to add a solid 10-15 pounds and stick to 205 for MMA, then I could box at cruiser or heavy either one. So I'm adjusting my training a little, gonna lift a little more but make sure it isn't at the expense of mat time (I've made that mistake before) and try ANACONDA 2.

For reference, I'm 6'4" and weighed maybe 220 in my avatar. I'd like to get right around there again.

Thanks guys.


Maybe this is my ignorance of anything outside this forum showing through but wtf is ANACONDA?


before you try any crazy supplements

try working with a nutritionist ?
someone who works with fighters
how organized is your eating
and your cutting

6'4 is lanky for 185 but you prob would need to cut from 225 or so for 205


Might be a better question for the ANACONDA people, I don't know if anyone in this forum is doing it. I know you can pack on that weight no problem eating more and doing a PL workout, but I've never tried to add significant weight while fighting.


Taking this crude few information in account,it seems that you would do better at 205.But building yourself into solid 205 could take a lot of time.
I dont think any suplement could take you to higher weight class.It requires changes in your training and nutrition over a long period.


Is there an Anaconda People forum? I'm not quite as isolated as FightinIrish (I like your style, brother), but I don't really get around much on the other subforums.

The idea with AP, if I understand it, is basically cramming a ton of protein/cal/nutrients around your workout. My diet is pretty solid, there just isn't enough of it. I'm gonna keep eating the same stuff but in bigger quantities, the AP thing just appealed to me because I like trying new things and it seems pretty structured. I'm a sucker for that stuff.


Given the parent forum, I (or anyone else perhaps) can't really give you an honest opinion without being censored or banned.