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Anaconda Protocol and Size On?

i looked into Anaconda’s profile and size on’s profile and they have almost the same profile structure with a bit difference on other ingredients, but all in all its a scale down version of the Anaconda protocol. the carb matrix, hydration catalyst complex and thr creatine complex are almost the same, the only biggest advantage of Anaconda is their luecine rich casein hydrolysate they are using capmared to size on’s whey hydrolysate.

check the profile of the both product and tell me what you think…

Having used both, there’s no comparison. Anaconda trashes sizeon by miles. E.g. one scoop of Anaconda + 30 g dextrose leaves me with little to no DOMS after squats. 1 scoop of sizeon pre contest + 30 g dextrose left me hobbling for 4 days.

byukid, of all the supplement out there, what do you think is the next best thing to Anaconda?

i have no doubt Anaconda is far superior among the two, but Anaconda is definitely out my budget so im looking into size on as my alternative. what do you think?

ANACONDA also has citrulline malate and beta alanine

The thing I find with Biotest supps is they are so unique with ingredients, blends and potency. I am making due with other protein powders and waxymaize for peri workout, but when I get to a certain point in training and start making some serious money I want to try ANACONDA, MAG-10, etc.