ANACONDA Protocol 2 & Thibs Carb Cycling

i cant post in the ANACONDA forum, although i dont know why because i have purchased MAG-10 before, so ill post this here

i have read thibs suggestions on carb cycling and the ANACONDA protocol but i believe he was reffering to protocol 1. i will be taking protocol 2 and i was thinking about following his carb cycling codex method. has anyone tried this?

i have done this before but not with ANACONDA, this will be my first time taking ANACONDA protocol. i have been looking into the anabolic diet also but im not too sure if i want to go that route.

Carb cycling and ANACONDA 2 are easy. Just count the carbs including the protocol. So, if a heavy day is 200g of carbs, your protocol is 64g, you now have 136g left for the day.

Stay away from AD and ANACONDA for now. Its easier on the brain.

would ANACONDA not be sufficient while on AD?

Anaconda protocol is meant for a diet with carbs.

Stop complicating things.