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Anaconda Protocol 2 PWO Shake/Meal?


So I just ordered the package of Anaconda Protocol 2. My question is: This is my pre and intra workout nutrition, right? Then do my usual shake/carb meal post workout?
Just wanna be clear.


Remember, every 10 grams of Amino Acids equals roughly 50 grams of protein powder. You're getting ALOT of muscle-building nutrients in the Anaconda, MAG-10. Use it pre, intra and post. May have to add a little water to make it last, or take smaller sips, but it should last so you have just a little bit left to drink once you're finished. Roughly 60 to 90 minutes post, eat a solid meal consistent with your current goals.


That's something I had to get used to as well, no immediate post workout shake. I just wait about 30-50 mins after I get home and have a 'normal' meal. I'm usually not even hungry, whereas I used to be absolutely famished before using the protocol peri-workout.



Ah, I see... sort of... I've been working out on an empty stomach 1st thing in the am to lose some bodyfat, so now I'm looking to build some more muscle and better performance and not gain fat.

So maybe 3/4 cup of oatmeal and and s scoops Metabolic Drive? I'm a little over 6', 200.6#, 16.2%bf and 42 yrs. Still trying to recover form tearing tendons in both arms so I can't kick ass the way I like to :frowning:

Just wondering what you think. My diet is super clean and strict.


im not calling you out believer, but can anybody verify this? i want to believe lol


I am curious on this as well. That would be great, I just have never heard it before.

I also completely agree with believer and Stu. You don't need a shake post. It took me a while to stop, but now I just eat my dinner about 30-60 minutes after. MAG-10. Anaconda, and swf are my favorite non-health related supps.


^Thibs has said something to the effect of this^ basically that blood levels of aminos reach the same level, or that anabolism is the same or something like that. He said it on a thread approx. 3-4 months ago if my memory serves me.


Out of curiosity have you been taking any nutrient partitioning agents (besides the effects of preworkout insulin from the FINiBARs/SWF)?