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Anaconda Protocol 2 and Ketogenic Diet


CT, you've touched on this before, but if wanting to do a ketogenic diet would you recommend the Anaconda 2 protocol with just the Anaconda and MAG-10, skipping the Surge Workout Fuel? I ask because recent posts of yours indicate that you recommend partioning carbs periworkout even when dieting to contest condition.

I'm not sure how that would work with ketosis though, which has always been my most effective and painless way of getting shredded. I suppose 62 g of carbs periworkout might not take me out of ketosis, but I'm not sure about that...



Who says that ketosis is required for maximum fat loss?

Ok, I'll still answer because I once mentionned that ketosis makes low carbs dieting easier because you have less cravings... so it can't be all bad.

I honestly believe that a small amount of the right kind of carbs pre-workout will not negatively affect you on a ketogenic diet. Even if 30-60g of carbs can kick you out of ketosis, consuming them right before the workout, when they will likely be used for fuel will not be a problem. You will probably get back into ketosis a few hours after the workout if you get back to your low carbs eating.

But then again... who says that ketosis is necessary for maximal fat loss?

All my BB guys kept Workout Fuel (and it was the old version, which is not as good as the new one) for most of their cutting phase. I removed it roughly 3 weeks prior to the show in one case and only the week of the show on another one. A third one kept it throughout.


i still have the old Surge workout fuel, im using it in protocal 2. is there anything i should change in the protocal?


No it's still fine. I would personally add 1 more scoop of Anaconda


ok thanks. I was thinking you would say one more scoop of MAG-10.


Thanks very much, CT. And I agree that ketosis is not necessary for maximal fat loss. But I prefer it when getting very lean because I have less cravings, as you note. I am less hungry. Really a plethora of reasons as you know.


I will give the standard Anaconda 2 protocol a go as I move into my ketogenic diet and see how it goes. Thanks again.